Thursday, February 26, 2009

Free!!! Free!!! It was FREE I tell you!!!!

Do you believe it???????????? I am still pinching myself....Ouch! I went to the "flea" to pick up my stuff since they are closing and these 2 chairs were there and I asked if they were for sale and the owner said no, but you can have them for free if you'll get them out of here. No need to tell me twice!!!! I went home and emptied all my stuff, called a friend to help me and the rest is history! They're mine...all mine!!!! Now, they have a few spots but no tears and I will shampoo them good and see how it does or if need be reupholster and/or slipcover. Aren't they just awesome...for Free???? My friends wanted me to go "junkin" with them today but I told them no, I had to get my stuff at the flea. I bet they can't top my "buy of the day"! I'm jumping up and down I am SO HAPPY! Oh.....did I tell you there are 2 of them!!! YES!!!!! A matched pair!


  1. Hi SAM,
    Boy that is a find. Good thing you had a way to get them home.Lets see a picture when you get them all set the way you want them.
    I just donate the things at the thrift. They don't pay you. It is a write off on your taxes is all you get.
    Raining here today, looking for colder weather again over the next few days. Today would be a good day for me to get up in the attic. I PLAN on staying home today. Just made a choc. cake, waiting for it to cool so I can frost it.The little ones will be here tomorrow and they all like choc. cake.
    Talk to you soon.
    Nancy Jo

  2. Morning Sam,
    I would say it was a great bargain day for you! I amgoing to pop in the thrift my self to see If I too can find a bargain or two. Great way to end the week huh?

  3. I love a good find and that is a good one. Check out my blog for the great finds I got today. I am also doing the happy dance. Very nice find, at a price everyone has to love.


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