Friday, October 17, 2008

Halloween Decor....ahhhh......FALL is here!'s my favorite time of year and my favorite holiday! Here's a little Halloween "flavor" from the way look at the plant on the table. It is one of my Christmas cactuses and it is in FULL BLOOM! I think it felt pressured since it was on the table with my Halloween decorations...plants can be VERY competitive you know.
Did you notice my "elegant" window treatment? Tension rods with pillowcases held on with clip clothespins! HA! HA! Farmgirls are inventive for sure! I have 13 windows on that porch and it will be awhile before I get ALL that material for curtains so that's my solution for privacy in the meantime. The rest of the windows have ALL different "curtains" from pillowcases to tableclothes to dresser scarves! It is a VERY interesting room!


  1. Hi Sam,
    Boy you have been busy. Did you make the signs too? I like the witch one.
    I know what you mean about your Christmas cactus, mine seems to bloom when ever it feels like it.
    You were very inventive with the curtain idea. 13 windows is a lot of responsibility, I'm sure its very eclectic. That is a word right?

  2. Hi sam, I followed you from Nancy Jo's. You have a very fun blog. My Christmas Cactus is blooming too so I call it a Thanksgiving Cactue. They don't know or care. haha. MB

  3. Hi ya Sam;
    I love your pictures... And those curtains are fabulous.. You are one creative farmgirl.. It's great having time to Play huh?

  4. Great photos Sam. I think your window treatment is the greatest. Love that idea.
    Your trumpet plant is gorgeous.

  5. those are all so awesome :) I love the kitty you made me.

  6. Love the Halloween decor~my fav holiday as well ;)
    ROFL about your impromptu curtains~you go! hahaha! hugs, Bonne

  7. I had some time to go WAY back! Farmgirls ARE inventive. I love the curtains and their pins!!!! The witch is cool too!!!!

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