Monday, May 18, 2020

Stitch Maynia Day #18

This day got off with a bang!  My daughter called and she was in the hospital.  She is fine but it was a little scary for awhile there.  She took herself at 2:30 in the morning after she was in terrible pain and throwing up.  They did an EKG and it wasn't good.  They did an angiogram later and it was fine so they gave her some pain medicine to soothe her throat from the acid reflux and sent her home.  Her bloodwork was all good too. She's okay, thank goodness.  We have no idea what happened and the doctors didn't really either other than maybe stress and some spicy food?  I hope it doesn't happen again! 
I took my walk and prepped and worked on Stitch Maynia project #18.........this is the one in memory of James, my son that passed.  I was going to start it on Mother's Day but then I thought that might be a bit much and then I started it today and Amy ended up in the hospital..........that was scary!  But it got started..........
I finally finished my inventory of DMC flosses............ I highlighted in yellow the ones I have in my floss boxes on the cards and the orange are the colors that I have in the Floss-Away bags.  I have not written an inventory of my 'fancy' flosses but that won't be difficult as I don't have that many.  I ran out of floss bags and still need to find a way to organize them.  Maybe those rings?
 I need to fill in my Cross Stitch Journal too.  They have these at Fat Quarter Shop and they are nice for keeping track of your projects, floss used and fabric etc.  This one was gifted to me.
The inventory took most of the day but it's done and now I need to order some material and a few missing flosses for projects and then I should be done for Stitch Maynia 2020.
Yesterday afternoon I made some Anzac biscuits....very good!  The recipe is on the King Arthur Flour website and I got the inspiration from  e-i-e-i-omg's blog on my sidebar.  They're not burnt...they're supposed to be dark.
 That's all for today and I am so grateful my daughter is alright!  That was scary!  I hope all of you are alright also!
Happy Trails!!!


  1. S.I.A.,,
    I wish my vision were better.. I truly miss cross stitching...
    I actually thought about buying 10ct Aida cloth,, and my magnifier... maybe, I could get back to stitching with the larger squares.. worth a try, now to find 10ct..
    In the mean time,, I will 'stitch' vicariously through your blog :>)

  2. So glad your daughter is doing better. Hopefully it is nothing serious since her tests were okay. Very scary stuff!

    1. I threw me but at least she got tested and is alright. I told her when you get older you can't handle that spicy stuff like when you were young! She' sin her 40's now!

  3. Oh my goodness! I know that was scary for you Sam. I'm so sorry that you and your daughter had to go through this. She's had a lot of stress over the past year hasn't she? I will add her to my prayer list. Could you email me her name? The cross stitch you're doing in honor of your son is wonderful. I'm glad you worked on it today even with the events that happened with your daughter.
    The cookies look great! Delicious!

    1. Her name is Amy Licher. I don't have your email. Mine is
      Email me and then I'll have yours.

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Hope you daughter doesn't have another one of those episodes, how scary. I have all of my DMC in floss away bags and on rings but I'd like to find a better solution. Those bisuits look great.

    1. Well, I don't like the floss cards as they crimp the floss and it's a pain to wrap them. I have ordered more rings and I also have a belt hangar that I've had for years and I hang the rings on it. It's like a coat hangar with a big circle with an opening for hanging your belts. I;m not sure if they make them anymore. There was a gal that used snack bags and cut recipe card size inserts to make them stand up and put the info on the card and then she was able to file them in a box because they stood up.

  6. So scary about Amy I sure hope and pray she will be ok!

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