Tuesday, August 13, 2019

All hands on deck!

It's Monday; the beginning of my work week.  It's also the hottest time of the year but I can't let that stop me!  I have outside work to do so I go out early before it gets too hot and even then I come in often and cool off and go back out.  I trimmed in the front and watered and I trimmed in the back and watered.  I also held a branch/weed tree down with 1 foot, lopped it off and WHAMMO!  The rest of it snapped forward and hit me in the head!  I saw stars for a few seconds and then I actually had to laugh at my stupidity!  I mean really?  It was something the 3 stooges would do....that would have been a video that would have gone viral for sure.  It still hurts and I'm sure I'll have a big bruise there on my forehead but dang that was stupid!  After that I got all the garbage out to the curb because they are evidently coming in the middle of the night as I keep missing them!  Last week I took it out at 8:30 a.m. and they had already been there! 
I finished the first book in the Elm Creek Quilt series by Jennifer Chiaverini.....excellent!  The next book is Round Robin so I ordered it from Thrift Books.
But meanwhile I went to the library to see if they had it and they did!  I got it to start reading....
along with a few other books............I thought this one might give me a boost.............

and then I spotted this one which I've wanted to read...........

When I got back home I made chocolate chip cookies....those crispy ones I told you about a while back but this time I added chopped walnuts too.......I'm trying to get chores and projects done but also be kind to myself as everyone has suggested.........what could be kinder than homemade chocolate chip cookies?

I hope you had a great Monday!
Happy Trails!!!


  1. Cookies are a nice treat and reading good books is the best! I read some of these a few years ago but I've forgotten them. I guess I could read them again! lol Hope you have a good day and don't hurt yourself! Be kind AND be careful! (a note to both of us!) Lots of hugs!

  2. Oh dear Sam! You make me laugh! I would totally do something like that if I did the yard around here--I save all that for the husband! I did wack my head on the corner edge of my car trunk door and managed a big gash along my hairline a couple months ago. I mean really, who can't see the trunk door hovering above you?? :) Oh, our garbage guy comes in the middle of the night too--- if we don 't have our cans out the night before or before 6AM, we get missed too.
    I think your cookie idea was the best idea-- and hope you had a great evening. Happy Tuesday, and be safe out there!

  3. My daughter recently did the same thing! Her husband was working extra hours, she had her 3 week old baby and 3 year old daughter napping at the same time so, instead of napping herself, she went outside to trim a branch that was bothering her. It snapped up and hit her squarely in the nose and knocked her to the ground! Fortunately she was not unconscious, but she did have a big bump and some bruising. You be careful girl!!!

  4. Ouch! The weed/tree incident sounds painful. The expression on your face must have been priceless. Your cookies look divine. That is comfort food at it's finest. A.good book with a couple of cookies and your favorite beverage makes a heart feel better.

  5. Ouch, is right! My first reaction wasn't to laugh at all, but I couldn't help but do a little ne a "Whoop, Whoop, Whoop, Whoop, Whoop" when you mentioned the Three Stooges. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5j8Jioan1w

    I hope your bruise or bump, or whatever you're left with on your forhead heals quickly. And I'm really glad you didn't suffer worse, friend. Chocolate chip cookies sound like a very kind thing to make for yourself. Mmmmmmm

  6. Oh Sam, I'm so sorry you got that bump on the head. I imagine that although you're shaking your head and poking a bit of fun at yourself now, at the time it was a bit scary. I hope that it is much better already.
    The cookies seem like a great way to help a person feel better. They sure sound good to me!

  7. lol. I made chocolate chip cookies today too. Great minds think alike. I love the books you have chosen. I just discovered Brene Brown recently - she is amazing. Enjoy you cookies with a good book!

  8. Books and cookies how could that be bad! :) Stay cool, and look out for trees that attack!

  9. Oh those cookies look wonderful!

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