Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Wednesday - 04/18/2018

Great week so far but very busy!!!  I got a new porch roof today!  YAY!!!!!  It took them from 8:30 - 2:30 and it is guaranteed for 15 years against any leaks plus they tuck pointed the chimney.   It is supposed to rain Sunday so that will be the test!  Meanwhile I can reclaim my bowls and containers that have been used to catch leaks for the past 2 years!  Here's a photo  but you can't really see it except the white lip peeking over the edge and the fresh tuck pointing.........
    I dyed yarn on Sunday and bundled it back up into mini-skeins on Monday as I didn't have time to wind them into are's some of my yarns drying.........
and here's the one where I took non pareils in all different colors and some powdered Kool-aid and then you wrap it in saran wrap and microwave at 30 second intervals until there is steam......

 Here's my little mini-skeins from my dyeing experiments..............
Most of Monday I was doing my taxes and I got them e-filed.  Today was the roofers, I watered plants, did laundry, picked up the sticks in the yard to mow probably tomorrow if the mower starts and I made bread.......
and there's a 'blender' pie in the oven for dessert.......
On my 'breaks' I knitted on my Land of Sweets cowl using 2 of my hand dyed yarns!  Take a look......the first one is from Maker's Haven.  The leftover yarn from my Star Tree Topper but the other 2 are mine..............
I'm off to have supper and 'hit the hay' I've been up since about 2:30 this morning...I love it because then I get a lot!  but I'm a dishrag about now!
Happy Trails!!!


  1. Good gollee, girl! You make me tired reading all this. Those yarn colors are terrific. I love the pastel, lighter, brighter, ice cream sherbet colors. So pretty! And so creative! You are an inspiration. I bet a slice of that bread toasted would make the absolute best breakfast.

  2. You have been a very busy, busy lady. Isn’t it fun to use your own yarn to knit with? I love dying with Kool-Aid but have only done it a couple of times. I’m glad you finally have your roof fixed and I hope the test on Sunday proves successful. Have a lovely evening my friend and get some rest.
    Blessings, Betsy

  3. Oooh the yarn is yummy looking. I bet you really enjoyed dying all those mini skeins. I can smell the bread.......looks light and yummy. I have never heard of a blender pie. Do you have a recipe? It looks delicious. Your cowl is gonna be so pretty. How special to have your own hand dyed yarns for it.

  4. Your yarm is yummy looking! Such spring like colors!! I am so glad to hear you got that roof fixed once and for all and it should pass the test next time it rains! :)

  5. You sound very productive, and still got yarn time in. I hope to be able to knit or crochet again, without mistakes. I am hoping and praying we get some rest time soon. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  6. Oh Sam, I hope the new roof solves your leaking ceilings. I hope to hear a good report after the weekend rains. I love all your colorful yarns. And that you get speckled yarn using candy sprinkles. What fun!


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