Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Post Halloween post..........

I did a lot last week prior to Halloween and then this week.  We had our first frost so I had to bring in all the plants and when I say 'all' I mean ALL.....I am such a softie!  I can't stand to leave them out there if they are in a container and some I even dig up....even though I know they will probably not make it in the house.  But I have to try else I will feel terrible!
 Even my green beans and wax beans as they are still producing although without pollinators in the house I doubt I will get much more...........
Miss Peeps was 'helping' me according to her but not necessarily according to me.............
I got them all in the house before the frost but then it took me 3 days of trying to find places for them that Miss Peeps wouldn't knock over or dig in them.......I also repotted quite a few.............
I think she was waiting until I left the room.....I can tell she has a plan............wide-eyed innocent she is not but she tries to give you that impression......... 
 I fixed a lot of eggs this week as I needed the energy and they really do fuel me when I have a 'big' day which has been every day the past 2 weeks..............scrambled eggs in the microwave are so light and fluffy....just don't cook them too long or they end up like rubber.....ask me how I know.......but done right they are my favorite way to scramble eggs in a butter greased pie plate......and English muffins with butter and honey..........the past 2 mornings I've made egg McMuffins...........
Threw more lights can never have too many holiday doesn't look very professional but it works for me!
I've also been stocking the pantry and freezer 'just in case'...........I bought a big package of not organic but hormone and antibiotic free  ground beef and broke it up into 1 pound packages that I froze...........I used Press'n Seal and then labeled each package.........

I then put them all in a gallon size bag so I know right where to look in the freezer.............and I can also tell when I am getting low on ground beef if they are all in the same place............
I knit on my sweater on breaks as it is such an easy and relaxing knit....who knew?  I thought sweaters were difficult and I'm sure there are some patterns out there that are but not this far so good and it is zooming along..............the light blue yarn is where the stitches for the sleeves are hanging out until I finish the back and sides of the sweater.
I'm having company for Thanksgiving if all goes 2 sons and one grandson so I am motivated more than ever to clean and organize and try and get gifts done so I can send them back with them to Iowa but I may be delusional.......cleaned the frig really well....just the inside...the outside still needs to be done.
Yesterday I cleaned a bathroom too and today I vacuumed a lot and washed several floors until my back said to knock it I'm done for the day and I've been up since 3:30 and it is now 4:11 so I think that's a full day.  Now, I'll feed the girls get my pj's on and work on some Christmas presents if it's not too!   By this time of the day I don't really want to concentrate too hard on anything.....I just want to veg and do veggie activities preferably from my bed.  I also cleaned the litter boxes yesterday, I rolled up the hoses outside and put everything away for Winter plus replaced outdoor light bulbs so the Trick or Treaters would  have plenty of light.  The girls love getting Trick or's really the only time anyone comes to our door......which is fine with me! LOL!
Happy Trails!!!!


  1. Your Halloween decorations are wonderful. And boy do I love eggs. When I go to book club, at the coffee shop I always order the sausage and egg muffin.

    1. Thanks for the reminder....I usually put a slice of cheddar on it as I am not a big fan of sausage but I am now that I found bacon sausage....a combo of both! I'll cook that up tomorrow morning and put it on my egg McMuffin! It is made by Farmland and it is wonderful! The best of both worlds!

  2. You've worked hard the past few days...or all summer! Your plants will be nice to have inside. And I need more twinkle lights! Hugs!

    1. Just trying to get organized so I can downsize....I still have too much 'stuff'!LOL! Yes, one can never have enough twinkle in life....or twinkle lights.

  3. Oh I love Miss Peeps eyes. Yes, she certainly does look innocent but I know if she's anything like our George was, she is not. :-) You certainly had a productive day. I'm impressed at all you've gotten done. I've had a busy week so far too. Lots of cleaning but in fits and starts because I have to rest my back in between. I also raked some leaves yesterday and today. Probably my last chance because snow is predicted tomorrow. Have a great evening and don't do too much.

    1. Trust me...I took a lot of breaks! I lifted a big bag of potting soil the other day and some rocks and who knows what else so my back is a little sore but this morning it's fine. I have strong back muscles or at least I used to but I still get sore sometimes. I'm of the philosophy...'if you don't use it you lose it' so I keep using it! LOL! Raking is hard on the back for sure...any time you are reaching out like that...vacuuming, raking, mopping....pat yourself on the back.....where it's not sore! LOL! Lucky you with the snow! WE are having some cozy weather with rain and fog but it's warm today....supposed to get to 76. I'll be out in the garage, of course!

  4. Hi Sam :))) I love your Halloween decorations! And Miss Peeps is so funny...but HIGHLY PREDICTABLE lol...our Charlie is like that. She will sniff away at something she wants, then give us a look from the corner of her eye, lie down and pretend to be sleeping. We've caught on after she inhaled an entire chicken burger when we first got her lol...Very nice pictures!

    If I don't leave the house (besides walking the dogs), I NEVER leave my pj's!! What's the point? I'll just wear out my good clothes lol...I'm so about comfort always. Alex has become the same, we live a pajama lifestyle as I call it! :)

    When I was much younger...I used to eat a McMuffin...several times a week, I loved their egg and sausage one...I recreated it at home a few times with some cheese...very delicious! I cook an egg in the microwave for the dogs in the morning for their little morning treat. I just divide it all in 5 pieces and sprinkle it on their kibble, it makes their coats nice and shiny. :) And yes, I know about the rubber egg syndrome! I've narrowed it down to 47 seconds in my microwave...not 46, not 48...47 on the dot! :)

  5. Love that you use Imperial Measurements! To us over here, 1lb. would be 500g but I still convert the metric measurements back when I see them on our packets!You're a very busy lady. Have a restful weekend.


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