Sunday, October 8, 2017

YOP Week #15

 One of three I Spy quilts is done except for washing and drying which makes it so nice and 'quilty' looking.  I never pre-wash my quilting fabrics as I like that little bit of shrinkage.
I just finished the heel flap on sock #2 and hope to do the heel turn this afternoon.....
I finally got the giraffe legs stuffed with poly pellets in the 'hooves' to give it a little weight and fiberfill in the rest of the legs.  They're stitched closed and ready to sew onto the body....I need to wrap this project up!  There's one more giraffe after this....the most time consuming part is the sewing it all together.
  Did I tell you I wanted to make a sweater?  Did I also mention I had tried to make one awhile ago but ended up frogging it?  Well, I am a better knitter now then when I tried before so I am giving it another go especially since I have all the yarn for it!  It is a Mary Maxim pattern but I bought my own yarn for it....I am using Paton's Classic Worsted Wool in the color Black Tweed.  I was going to wait until after the Christmas gifts were done but I was chomping at the bit and a little tired of knitting only socks for myself.  So far so good!  But I better be careful and not jinx myself!
That is the collar and it is all top down, no buttons....I may get a shawl pin for it but I wanted it easy for my first sweater and another gal recommended it.   She made it as her first sweater and said she enjoyed the making and the finished product.  I just separated for the sleeves, left and right front and the back which is the middle portion.  I am really enjoying it so far and the bigger needles give you lots to show for your knitting time!  Last time I used a lifeline and it still messed me up so I am not using one....what are your experiences with life lines?  Do you use them or not and if you do, do you use floss or yarn or what? 
I got my snowflake buttons for my cross stitch in the mail and the frame so I need to work on finishing that project up.
I've been toying with the idea of some little felt Halloween ornies for the grands and already have some 'pretzel ghosts' chosen as a sweet treat to make for them.  Probably a book for each of them and a card and that should do it!  We love Halloween in our family.
Sam and Grayson sent me the cutest postcards, that they colored, in the mail.  Sam's letter was very nice and he asked how I was and told me what he had been doing.........Grayson's just said "Grandma can you please get me some Legos?"  He didn't sign it so legally I don't think I'm obligated because I don't really know it came from!  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!
I hope you had a great week and that all your fiber dreams come true!
Happy Trails!!!


  1. I don't prewash quilting fabrics either. Like you, I like that "quilty" squishy wrinkly look! The first one looks great already!

    And like you I've been pondering knitting a sweater for myself too. Unlike you,I haven't cast on or even settled on yarn. Right now I'm thinking about a short sleeved spring pullover, something top down with raglan sleeves. We'll see. I've never been completely happy about how my own handmade sweaters have fit. That being said, I'm way better at ripping back than I used to be so maybe that'll come in handy?!

  2. I love your quilt it is so happy looking! Look at you go with the socks! They look great. I have been known to use a lifeline and think I would if I were to knit lots of shawls, but I don't, so I use loads of markers instead!

  3. I learned to prewash fabrics from my mama. Your quilt is cute with those fun fabrics. Good for you on knitting for yourself! I can't wait to see more of your sweater. LOL about your grandson. My youngest took a picture of her tsum-tsums in their new, white plastic basket bed and sent it to my mum, saying how she needs more to fill it up.

    1. Thank you, Sandra, for your sweet visit. I was so happy yesterday that the sun dried it in a few hours. I have to buy something white to wear with that shawl for its photo shoot and I need to wind up the Swan's Island. I won't have to worry about gauge really with that project so I'll be glad to just jump in and go with that one.

  4. I love your Eye-Spy quilt, Sandra. I love the whole idea of it. What a wonderful gift that will be. I so admire those of you who knit clothing. I don't even aspire to that level of knitting (says she who hasn't knitted in... I don't know. Maybe six months???) :^o I'm still lovin' that sock yarn you've chosen to knit a pair of socks in. Love the colors. Have a good week, friend!

  5. Lovely quilt. I'm with you on the sewing of bits together. Sure seems to take much longer than the making part. Your knitting sure has come a long way. I tried to learn a couple of times but just couldn't get the hang of it. And now I really have no interest in learning. I still don't understand all the crochet patterns I come across. And if it sounds too complicated, I'm likely not going to do it. Looks like a great start with the sweater.

  6. Love the quilts! You are getting a lot done. Had to laugh about the legos.

  7. Hi Sam :) Oh that quilt is really nice! Oh dear...I SO want to get back to sewing and I would love to try quilting! Your giraffe legs are so cute! :) Good luck on the sweater! All of my knitting is on hold for now. It's our Thanksgiving today and I'm just taking some time online before I start the cooking and baking! :) I hope I can get back to my routines this week, I was on such a roll with the knitting and I had to stop cold turkey lol!

    Halloween is the number one holiday here :) After today I'll be planning all the spookiness :)) Have a great week Sam :)

  8. Hi Sandra! Just wanted to pop in and say "thank you" for the sweet comment you left on my blog this morning :) I'm happy to have found your blog, too--love your quilts. I am not a quilter, but it is certainly something I admire greatly. I kept thinking I might try quilting now that I've retired, but I think I will stitch to cross stitching. It is much more portable and we do hope to travel more now :)

    Enjoy your week!

  9. I love the yarn you have chosen for your sweater. And your quilt is lovely. I only use lifelines when knitting complicated lace and I use a contrasting colour waste yarn.

  10. Hey lady...............that quilt turned out great. Your new machine is really working well for you. I am so glad for you. Your socks are coming along great. Have you ever tried the Fish Lips Kiss heel? It is the only one I use now. Of course, I have to adjust the leg a bit to compensate for the lack of a heel flap. I am so anxious to see the giraffes completed. I commend you on making little animals. The sewing of them together seems daunting to me.


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