Saturday, August 26, 2017

Friday fun and shopping and Saturday outdoors!

Friday Fun & Shopping:

I'm sorry I didn't blog yesterday but all day I felt like I was playing Beat The Clock for any of you that remember that old game show! LOL!  I took Grace to the groomer in Ash Flat and had to sign papers at the vet next door to have her anesthetized as she has never had a bath or nails clipped or a body hair cut.  I didn't want her stressed out.  I went to Walmart after that as it is in the same town.  I got some 'fun' things.....well, fun for me.........they had Fall mums!!!
I couldn't resist, plus, they had this beautiful coleus plant the likes of which I  have never seen!  Isn't it gorgeous?  It says Fall all over it!

Then I bought some trim's interior or exterior but I am using it inside...............I looked at white but it was so bright I didn't think I would like it.....I'm such a yellow person anyway that I thought cream would be best...............we shall see......
I also bought some chalkboard paint as I am wanting to paint a door either in my laundry room or my kitchen so I can write things I need at the store when I run out.  I have a little white board on my frig but I think the chalkboard would be nicer for a real inventory. 

and of course I needed paint supplies...............

and some Fall scents in candles...............

I got some potting soil too because I always re-pot my houseplants outside in the Fall before Winter rolls in.
When I came home I went up town and got my prescription and then came home and cleaned up the house a bit.  The lawn mower guy was coming in the afternoon sometime but the garage was open and the mower was there so I knew even if I wasn't there he would still fix it.  I was concerned about the dryer repair guy though as he was coming between 3 and 4 p.m. and I had to pick  up Grace from the groomer and they close at 5.  It's a good 50-60 minute drive round trip.  I was worried about the logistics so at 2:00 p.m. I called the groomer and they said she wasn't totally dry but that they were finished and I could come and pick her up.  I got back home about 2:57 and the lawn mower guy was working on the mower.  It was just a spark plug so it wasn't expensive...whew!  He left and then the dryer repair man came.  Get this.....he was able to sodder the mother board and get the dryer working for a total of $168.00 and it is guaranteed for 90 days!  No $70.00 trip charge and $400.00 mother board replacement!!!!  So, if you have a front loading dryer and you don't want to pay $470 to get it fixed.....recommend that they sodder it!  We'll see how long it lasts but the repair guy said they do it all the time and have not had any problems.  I was doing my happy dance!  If I had known about this repair man before I would not have gone 2 years without a dryer! LOL!  Yippee!!!

Saturday Outdoors:
Today, I mowed!  Finally!  It looks like a hay field out there but it's done!
My Fall clematis is of my old clothes poles is underneath that huge plant!

We have cooler temps......60's at night and 80's during the more 90's!  Yay!!!!  No humidity either.  All the flowers are very happy and doing well...........
Here are my sweet william and zinnias from my old horse trough
This is what they call monkey grass down here...not sure what it's real name is but it is native I think.
This is my plant that I over wintered and I can't believe it survived as it is an annual..........
My vegetables did poorly this year...every year actually.................since I moved down here...a few beans and more flowers but not enough to make one serving!  Only a few tomatoes too...very bad gardening for me this year. 
So, that was outdoors today and I still need to water outside.  I hope you are enjoying your Saturday and I hope all are safe from Hurricane Harvey!  We will probably get the rain from it later this week.
Happy Trails!!!


  1. My goodness you had a busy day and today sounds pretty productive too! Such a great deal on the dryer repair. Your flowers are gorgeous. I want to try to over winter my geraniums but have never had much luck with it. Any tips? I hope Grace did okay with the anesthesia and grooming. I'll bet your candles smell yummy.

    1. It's been awhile since I did geraniums as they don't seem to do well down here but I know my daughter has done it....I'll ask her and get back to you! I remember I used to cut pieces off and root them in rooting medium and start new geranium plants in the winter. You could also Goodgle or search in Pinterest for 'over wintering geraniums'. Grace did fine and looks so pretty! She looks like a kitten and she and Miss Peeps look like sisters now! LOL!

  2. your flowers are beautiful! And I'll be interested in what you think of that chalk board paint. I eye it every time I'm at Lowes but have yet to buy it.

    1. Ill definitely report back on here when I do the chalkboard paint....right now I'm getting ready for a garage sale on the 9th so it might be a bit before I use it.

  3. Busy days for you. It's good the repairman was able to save you some money. And was honest about it all.

  4. Such a pretty coleus! I would be begging for a cutting to root if I lived nearby lol. Loved the mums, Fall is my favorite season.

    1. I know...I have never seen one like that! Now, I hope I don't kill it! LOL!


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