Sunday, July 16, 2017

YOP Week #3

Woe is me!  Do you remember last week when I said I was just sure I would have an FO this week.....well....I worked my little tail off and I was so close but cigar!  This is a very sad tale so you might want to grab some Kleenex.
I finished knitting all my star points, took a tutorial and learned how to properly block, I cleaned my new blocking mat (one), I washed my star points in Eucalan wool wash and used a million pins to block all 10 of them.  I took them off the the blocking mat yesterday morning and spent a majority of the day learning and stitching the mattress stitch and sewed all of them together!  Ta Da!...........except for one tiny little error............I sewed too much.....up one side and down the other.........when in reality I should have only sewn halfway up the from the point on each side.  Granted...the instructions did not specify but had I looked at the picture of the pattern it would have been fairly obvious........
  This is what I have...............
This is what it should be..........(stuffed and finished).....I told you it was a sad tale.........oh well......on the bright side I learned several techniques............beading, blocking and the mattress stitch.  I will make this ornament some day......just not today.........(there is no way I can remove that mattress stitch as I did such a good job I can't even see it so they are officially ruined....I can't even reclaim the yarn)
As for some other WIP's.............I have finished the heel flap on sock #2 and I daresay I would like to have that finished by next Sunday but I certainly don't want to jinx myself so I won't say anything...........
 I already fell off of the YOP wagon too.........I started a new project!  But in my defense, I had no T.V. project to work on.........the socks were at the heel, the star points needed focusing on and I found it difficult to work on my cross stitch with my reading glasses because then I couldn't see the t.v.
So, you see, I really had no choice and when Becki showed the Happy CAL Place project of the kitty cat blanket I was a goner!  See the little kitty cats?  Aren't they cute?  This project is fun, easily memorized and you only change colors every 3 rows.....LOVE! 
     I did not get much cross stitch done this week so I  will show you next week.  I really needed to watch t.v. because I was hooked on The Crown on Netflix.  I finished it last night and I wished it would have gone on and on it was so good!  I will most probably watch it again and again.
I'm off to search out the next Christmas ornament to work's July and I have 1 pair of socks done out of a dozen by the end of the year, I have no ornaments done out of a dozen by the end of the year.........I told you.........woe is me! LOL!  I hope you all had a more successful week than I did!
Happy Trails! 


  1. On the bright side, you did a perfect mattress stitch! The kitty cat blanket is lovely. Why don't you just add it to your list and make it a yop project?

  2. I'm sorry your star ornament didn't work out Sam, perhaps there is a another use you can use the points for? Your socks are coming on great and I really love your cat project, you were right to start something to allow you watch TV and relax, I'm not sure I'd call that falling off the YOP wagon you were fitting a project to when it was best for you to work on it.

  3. Oh my.......what a sad tale of the star ornament. You worked so hard on it too. But you learned so many new techniques it is not all a waste. Your sock WILL be done by next Sunday. You are determined so it will happen. I really like your kitty blanket. Love how they are peaking out.

  4. Too bad about the star ornament :( I love your kittens, they sure are cute :)

  5. Oh but all is not lost. You could still stuff each point (assuming you haven't sewn across the openings) and crochet a little flower for the middle part to cover up the joins and it would still make a lovely decoration. I love your other projects too.

  6. Can you stuff the points of the star, or have you sewn them shut? Maybe you could save your star that way? Your kitty blanket is cute. It's so hard not to start new projects!

  7. Oh S.I.A.,, you are still an industrious lil Bee,,, I wish I could knit od crochet like you... ahh, to be your neighbor,,, so you could teach me...

  8. Well, Sam... that is going to be one really cool star when you do make it (correctly). I feel your pain, but I so appreciate you sense of humor. And your positive attitude! Your sock, on the other hand, and your Kitty Cat blanket are looking great. I'm working on the border of mine as I type (well, almost as I type - it's my lap as I type). I hope you have a great week, friend. :^)

  9. Oops! I've done that before. So gung ho about figuring out a project only to find out that I should have read the instructions a little better. Oh well! Like you said, you learned a lot. is there any way to stuff the points and make a small starfish? Good luck with the socks. The kitty cat blanket is looking lovely. Have a great week.

  10. Love that kitty blanket. I vote that you make it a countable project! Just look at all o ft he new technique syou became proficient in. I'm so impressed that you did the mattress stitch so well. lol. There's still a lot of year left for you. :-)

  11. Invisible mattress stitching IS a win! You can always come back to the star pattern in a few months when the annoyance and frustration are a distant memory. I remember on pair of socks I screwed up over and over. A year later and for whatever reason, knitting them was a piece of cake. I don't know why!

    Your Christmas sock yarn co,ours are so fun - makes me want Christmas sock yarn!

  12. You are getting so much done. I once tossed a knitted blanket (blocks) from mistakes. It happens.

  13. sniffle. sigh. ok. onwards and upwards! I loved The Crown too, and can't wait for the next season. I hear you about starting new projects because of the need for TV knitting. Your socks are gorgeous and yay for turning the heel! Your kitties on your blanket are sooooo cute.

  14. Oh boy that star WIP somethin' else. It's going to look fabulous all sewn up together and stuffed. Kudos to you on being so patient with that project. Too bad it couldn't have been knitted in one piece.

  15. Hi Sam! :) Oh no! So sorry about the ornament!!! Now I see what you meant when you said you had a disappointing YOP week too. I HATE starting over! But I'm committed now. Woe is you!!! The sock looks great! But that kitty blanket is really REALLY cute! I've seen a lot of people knitting it, I love when we get ideas from each other!!

    I know how you feel about The Crown, we're the same way with that show Justified. When our house guest left yesterday, we ran right up to bed to watch 6 more episodes only ran for 6 seasons and we just started season 4...I don't want it to end!!!

  16. Oh no, no, it is not all sad. You mastered lots of new techniques and you have the beginning of a beautiful kittie blanket. I'm sure the points could be used for

    1. (I really should be careful using my Kindle - where was I?) I'm sure the points could be used for another project - they look like legs!


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