Monday, January 16, 2017

It's Monday......what are you reading., listening to and/or watching?

Is it me, the weather, or is there a general malaise on the nation? This looks like my Annie girl as she likes to be all wrapped up in her blankets.  I must admit, I feel the same lately...........I'm not sick but boy am I tired all  the time.......I've heard the same from others who are either sick or fighting off something and feeling exhausted.......oh well, as the Brits say....."Carry On".............
Needless to say, I haven't gotten much reading done because I start dozing after just a couple pages!
Of course, it could be the book.....and this one is definitely to blame.............I have to say this is one of the worst books I have ever read!  Maybe you have to be  a Brit to "get it" but it absolutely makes no sense or rhyme or reason to me.  Truly awful and unless it all comes together in the end it will make it to the Top 5 Worst books I have ever read!  Boring!
My first book of 2017 will be this one...........a non-fiction...........this is one of the 2 books about a farm family in the area that I call home.............

I'm still listening to Financial Peace University cd's by Dave Ramsey but it is taking me forever because there are 15 or 16 but mostly because if I don't listen to a whole 'track' then when I go back it starts from the beginning!  What's up with that?  My tapes I can start and stop exactly where I left off.  Am I doing something wrong?  That seems like going backwards in technology not forward.  I've tried all the buttons on my cd it me or is it really this inflexible?
I got a new magazine in the mail....a free one to get you to subscribe which I won't but it is a nice Chris Kimball from America's Test Kitchen fame.
I'm also reading a cookbook..............and trying the recipes............or trying to try the recipes but it is hard to get certain things here that would be easily found elsewhere.............I may have to order online and it is not anything foreign just healthy.............
 I did finish one was good but it's hard to learn much new from such young authors.......and my decorating is going back to the 30's or 40's not the latest fads so although good for a younger person, I really didn't pick up anything new from it.
I've been watching Democracy Now for news, Aljazeera, The Intercept, BBC, The Young Turks and The Humanist Report.  Regular media here is so shallow that all I hear is Trump, Trump, Trump.....I thought after the election they would stop it but despite the fact that there is a whole world out there with important and newsworthy things happening, it's hard to realize it when you listen to mainstream, I don't.
For entertainment I've been listening to knitting pod casts....specifically Homespun House and Knitting Expat.....playing catch up with them and then The Knit Lit Chicks which are an audio podcast.
It has been foggy and dreary here for 2 days and I have to have lights on that's how dark it is during the day!  That could be part of the reason I can't stop yawning!  It feels like nighttime most of the day! LOL! I hope you are well and staying warm and dry wherever you are!
Happy Trails! 


  1. It is SO cold here. I just began an Amish fiction trilogy this morning. Hubby and I have taiught Dave Ramsey for years. In fact there is a class that just started last week. I hadn't heard that about the cd's so I can't tell you if that's normal or not. Just playing with my hooks and needles and watching Knitting Expat's video she just posted on the knitting fun in NYC this past weekend.

    1. I should ask you guys if I have questions about DR! I may try and email you privately. It is not too cold here but so damp that it goes right through you. I watched Mina and the gang last night too at Vogue Knitting Live....great minds think alike! They are a fun group!

  2. Oh my gosh Betsy, all I need is more things to go read and podcasts to make me want to start another project! You are getting me in trouble!!! I want to read the book about the farm family, so I have to see if I have this straight. The first picture, Brideshead revisited is the awful book? And Neighbors is the good book? And Neighbors is 1 of 2 books about farm families in your area? I know those would be something I'd be interested in. Thanks for sharing and for the nice comment you left on my blog! And by the way it is gloomy and rainy/slushy here and I'm staying in to avoid it, as well as the horrible colds and flu going around town. So I need a good book to relax with at night when I am going to sleep!
    I kind of goofed up my blog when trying to change the header around and thankfully my sweet friend is going to fix it, should be back to normal by now.
    Take care, Julie

    1. Yes, Brideshead is the boring book and the other 2 Farmboy and Neighbors are like cocktail table books...big photo books with text too. It's not a story other than about a real farm family for 3 generations. I'm interested because I grew up in that area and I want to go back so bad I can taste it! They are hard to come by as they are out of print but if you like anything to do with farming or that lifestyle and a time gone would like them.

  3. Interesting selection, Sandra. I'm still reading the first Mary Russell book. I haven't listened to Persuasion any further. I did start reading another Kindle book last night; it's a fantasy/Greek mythology one and I really like it.

    1. You always read interesting books too! So many little time! LOL!

  4. I've been reading a lot - all eBooks from the Back To Basics Living Bundle I've been talking about on my blog. And I've got a whole week's worth of book reviews coming up, so I admit to being on a roll!!!! LOL

    1. I have to go check your books out. I'm all about self-sufficiency but the older I get the harder I have keeping up! LOL!


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