Sunday, October 30, 2016

YOP Week #18

Wow!  This week went fast!  But it's been a good one and a good balance of work, fun and progress.  I finally caught up with my 3 squares a week on my CMB (Cozy Memory Blanket)  The 3 solid squares are from last week and the 3 variegated are from this week.

I also finished an 'ages old' project...a Japanese knot bag that gave me fits! I used interfacing which I had to tear out as it was too much for this small bag although the pattern said you could use it.  I will never make one again of this type and it barely holds a sock I am working on.  Is it 'free' patterns or am I just rusty in my sewing skills?  Either way, I am on to bigger (literally) and better project bags.
But at least Miss Peeps won't get into it.
it's reversible too..........
I did 3 rounds on my Giant Granny Square blanket...the pale rose, lemon and the sherbert colors.  Next is grape and it will be round 62 of 68 not counting the border.
I am playing around with a project management software for all my projects.....fiber and organizing and decorating etc.  It is called Trello  and it is free!  There is a learning curve to be sure but I think it is 'the next big thing' since Pinterest.  There is also a blog where you can get lots of info and help.
I have been finalizing my Christmas and Birthday gift giving/making list this weekend and I am so late this year!  We'll see how many 'handmades' I get done.  There will be some sewing in there too as it's a little faster than knitting and crocheting.
I mailed off the grands Halloween boxes this week........

 These are for my daughter who loves the Mexican sugar skulls...........
And of course I wrapped up their 'creepy cloths' that I knit for them.  I hope you all have a safe and Happy Halloween!  Now, I'm off to make popcorn balls and caramel apples for some special little Trick or Treaters that are stopping by tomorrow night.
Happy Trails


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  2. Well I wrote a comment and it didn't look like anything I had written so I'll try again. Ha ha! I like the progress you made on both of your blankets. I finished another nine patch square for my cozy memory blanket yesterday. You really made nice packages for each your grandchildren. What a good grandma you are!

  3. That little project bag is cute as can be. And I like the fabric, too. I'm sorry it's too small for your purposes, though. What fun goodies you found to send off to the grands. Everyone must have been delighted to open the package and see what you sent. I would never have thought to send the lights. That's really a fun idea!

  4. That knot bag is interesting. Well done. Looks like you are all ready for Halloween. Have a good one.

  5. Love your knot bag. I made one quite a while ago and only use it to transport my sock projects. Your blankets are coming along nicely. I bet your grands will he excited when they get your package. Here's hoping both of our temps cool off SOON.

  6. You are an awesome gift giver! I love the treats. Good to know about that knot bag. Would even the skinniest interfacing work?

  7. Really nice colors on your knot bag! My friend is doing a memory blanket. She is just about done and boy is it beautiful!
    My grandson received spider lights & pumpkin lights. Lots of happy smiles from that guy!

  8. Your bag looks super. Sorry it gave you fits but it seems to be useful. I love that it is reversible.

  9. You got a lot done this week'! Glad you finished the bag despise the troubles it gave you.

  10. I've never tried a knot bag, it looks lovely even if it is small. Your Halloween boxes look fab and I hope you have a great time giving out the treats tonight.

  11. I've never tried a knot bag, it looks lovely even if it is small. Your Halloween boxes look fab and I hope you have a great time giving out the treats tonight.

  12. Hi Sam,
    As usual you are really busy. Your projects are all looking really good. I ordered a few books that you talked about in your last post. Always looking for something good to read.
    70 here today, what's up with that? Leaves have been extra pretty this year.
    Hope you had fun on Halloween. looks like you had a tasty drink to make it even more so. Posted a picture of me , sort of, on my blog and a good book.
    Nancy Jo

  13. I bet your Grands liked the packages! You are making progress on your projects:)


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