Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Exciting day in the neighborhood yesterday!

My new neighbor next door had some tree people come and take a huge old oak down in her back yard that was going to fall in my direction eventually!  Thank you, Marguerite!  I was out there taking pictures of the entire process all day on and off. They also trimmed the other oak that had some dead branches.  This is the tree Nitty likes to sit under!
 I asked them if they minded if I took pictures and they said they didn't.   I will let the pictures tell the story as I think it is a fascinating one.  You couldn't pay me enough to do that!  I don't like heights OR chainsaws but this father and son team are true professionals!   If anyone needs any tree work done in North Central, Arkansas, these are the guys to call!  It is Goodson and Son Tree Service out of Ash Flat and their number is 870-895-3876.  They are insured and give free estimates.  There were 2 houses,  a fence and my clothesline they had to watch out for and not one was harmed in the taking down of this tree. Enjoy!
This is the tree that just got trimmed............
 This is the tree they removed.  I'm sure this tree was here before these houses were!

 They had to use my yard as her yard is fenced in which was fine.  At least I didn't have to pay the bill! LOL!

 They use lots of ropes to control where branches go when they get cut and they were very precise they only missed landing them on the flatbed trailer once!

 They remove sections and lower them carefully down to the ground by rope.....

 The father is on the ground and the son is in the tree......he was part monkey but extremely careful....on their business card it says  "25 years accident free" and I believe it as they were precise in everything they did. 

Obviously this young man is not afraid of heights!
 The chainsaw dangles when he is climbing...........

 The last of the branches..............
 Now for the tree............or what's left of it..............

 He would cut it off in sections and tie a rope around it and lower it carefully to the ground.  Look at that.....he's up there smiling!  It must be the view! LOL

 See the father on the bottom pulling on the rope?  That is so when the son is finished cutting that section of tree with a rope around it the father can just lower that section to the ground slowly and safely.
The son cuts it almost all the way through and then he twists it off and controls it so it doesn't go swinging even on the rope.  I told you these guys are good!

 You can see the rope tied around the section he is cutting here............look at those chips fly!

 Here I actually got a picture of them lowering a section...........
 and this last big hunk took them a while to cut up to be able to move it..............
 and now they are gone and this is all that's left.  We will miss you big old oak.....you served us all well for many many years.  A big thanks to my neighbor who paid to have the tree taken down and hired such great professionals to do it!
 I'm sorry for the amount of pictures but I was really trying to give you the 'step-by-step' account of what I thought was truly something you don't see every day.  Happy Trails!


  1. It truly is amazing, isn't it? I had this done in my front yard and it was close to the house. They sure know what they are doing.

    1. Thank goodness because there are some that don't!

  2. Great bunch of photos! They did an excellent job! :)

    1. Thanks Connie, I knew it was a lot of pictures but I tried to show the process completely.

  3. That was really fascinating to watch! You don't have to apologize for the amount of pictures, they told a great story and it always amazes me how relaxed those guys look way up there. I'm terrified of heights.

    1. Me too Betsy and thanks for your approval of the large amount of photos.

  4. This is some process. I didn't know they guided the cut branches. I thought they just fell down to the ground. And oh boy I don't want to know how much that cost.

  5. Replies
    1. Thank-you for taking the time to compose a whole story of my day. I really liked the pictures too.


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