Monday, September 5, 2016

YOP Week #10

A day late but YOP goes for a week so, in reality, I'm not late.  But I am behind!  I had a very sick little dachsund this week and have been cleaning ever since and I'm still not caught up!  My Spotbot and I have both been working overtime.  But poor little Annie ate something outside I think and it caused her to be very ill but thank goodness she is on the mend!
So, here's what I worked on this week.  I've managed to complete 7 rounds on my Giant Granny which means I am on round 47 of 68 not counting the border.
 I love this project and I love Sandra Paul's colors that she chose............
 There's been no work done on my Multnomah shawl until I get a lifeline put in.  Also, I haven't worked on my socks.  But I did finish my ghost wash needs to be blocked but I'll wait until all 3 cloths are done.
 I started on the witch can just see the end of her broom and part of her dress..........
I'm almost done with this doily but not sure I like it very much.  It called for worsted so I used cotton worsted but either I don't like the variegated or the cotton or the pattern......not sure which.  I will make a solid one in worsted weight but not cotton and see if I like that better.  This is pretty awful I think......I may tear it out as I REALLY do not like it.
I finally dug out my I Spy squares from Maggie that I ordered for the 3 I Spy quilts for the 3 grand boys for Christmas.  She also sent me a little extra package for myself.  I can't wait to start pinning and sewing them together.  I will include the rules for the I Spy game with each little quilt.
Here's my little 'extra' package she sent me.  What a sweetie she is!
 I hope you're all enjoying your long weekend if you get one.  I'll be by to catch up later tonight and tomorrow.  Happy Trails!


  1. Sorry to hear your puppy has been sick. So has Chloe. A trip to the vet for antibiotics and special food for a few days but she seems much, much better now. Your ghost cloth turned out so cute. I hope your day is going well.

  2. Love how your ghost cloth turned out, and the witch is looking like a fun piece too.
    A great granny square, and yes, I like those colours too. Hope you get to work on those I Spy quilts soon.

  3. Your giant granny is gorgeous, Sam. And that ghost washcloth is so cute. I love the orange color you're making the second cloth with - perfect for the season. I had to look up what an I Spy quilt is - and now I want one! Or want to make one. But I don't quilt. I may just have to learn! Your grandsons will love them. Oh boy - I can't wait to see what you make! Always something new (to me) when I come visit your blog. :)

  4. Your Granny Afghan is beautiful! Poor Annie, when they say sick as a dog it is the truth. I hope she stays on the mend:)

  5. The doily pattern looks nice. I think it's just the yarn you are using. I can get the same colorway here in a Taj cotton that I use for dishcloths and making hearts. I've been making lots of small granny square blankets for charity -- so quick and easy to do and don't have to worry about where you left off so can pick it up whenever and take it wherever. Good luck getting those quilts done. Hope Annie is all better very soon.

  6. Love the colors of the blanket. Adorable ghost cloth! So much fun!!!!

  7. Boy Sam you just never sit still. I'm making a blanket too, or a shawl. Hope Annie is doing better. I bought some new magazines. You made me do it.
    Nancy Jo

  8. Your ghost cloth has turned out great. Looking forward to seeing thw witchy one :) You are so close to finishing your crochey, I agree the colours are smashing. I am intrigued about what you are going to sew up xxx

  9. The ghost wash cloth is adorable. I can't wait to see the finished witch and what the last one will be. The giant granny is looking great. The colors are very pretty. Glad your little Annie is on the mend.


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