Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Finishes and surprises in the mail.........

Look what I received in the mail from a drawing I won over at Carol E. Herman Designs on Ravelry!
First this cute card from Carol.  Carol designs knitwear and has patterns on Ravelry.

I won 2 handmade buttons that I will have to knit something special for so I can utilize them.  She also included those yummy-licious salted caramels!  How did she know I love them!?!?  Thank you so much, Carol!  YOU are the sweet one!
As for finishes..........this audio book was very good except for the love scenes...I'm from the generation where you didn't discuss that type of thing in public and I'm not much of  a romantic anyway. I covered the girl's! But the rest of the book was very good and it was a good story.
I also finished reading the 2nd book in The Ladybug Farm good!  My kind of book for sure!  I highly recommend these books especially if you're older, like me.  It's about 3 older women but there are some youngsters in there too!  If you liked Jan Karon and the Mitford books you would enjoy these.
My next audio that I am listening to is The Beardstown Ladies Common Sense Investment Guide.  I'm not sure this information still applies as this is from quite a long time ago but I am sure I can learn something from it and it tells their history and story which is interesting.
I've decided that I will list my WIP's (works in progress) and not just needlework....all my projects I am presently working on...
 1)  Maybelle Baby Blanket - I have 23 of the 30 flowers crocheted and next will be weaving in all the ends (great for t.v.watching) and then you crochet them into squares if I'm not mistaken.  The dark one is a chocolate brown but it looks black in the photo.  I learned from The Patchwork Heart that it is more efficient to do all of one thing at once and then move on...kind of like factory work ie; do all the flowers, then all your ends, then all your squares etc. as opposed to completing each square before going on to the next.  Divide and conquer!
2)  grout cleaning -  no progress as there were storms and catchup around here.  Hopefully, I will get back to it today or for sure tomorrow.
3)  closet - needs vacuuming and dusting and I need to gather up my paint supplies.  It's amazing how several days go by without any progress but  there was laundry, ironing, and general maintenance that I can't let slip either or I won't have anything to eat or to wear! LOL!
4)  YOP 2016-17 starts in July and there are all those birthdays in July and my son is coming down to work on the porch then too so I have some planning, organizing and cleaning to do for that. 
BTW......our neighboring town (6 miles away) had their small airport and 5 small planes destroyed in that storm the other night.  There was also damage to the hospital and school.  The weather service said after investigating, that it was straight line winds and not a tornado but the winds were equal to an EF-1 tornado at 80- 100 mph.  I never go to the basement unless it's a tornado warning.  I'm thinking maybe I should set up a bedroom down there! LOL!
Stay safe and Happy Trails!


  1. I think my MIL would like the Ladybug book, I need to find them for her.
    Love your crocheted flowers and congrats on your win!

  2. yes you should sleep in the basement on stormy nights! I saw some video of some horrible looking tornados on the evening news:(

  3. I agree, sleep in the basement. I am wishing we had our root cellar/storm shelter built already.

  4. Those buttons are really special! And I love your pretty flowers. I like making them and should just get one started. Sorry about the damage you had in your community. Those bad storms in AR are always so scary. The small town I grew up in was hit by a tornado a few years ago and the neighborhood I grew up in was destroyed. It's been rebuilt now but it still makes me tear up to think about it. Sweet hugs, Diane

  5. Holey bagels, that is some crazy winds! I hope everyone is okay in that town. Glad you are safe. Congrats on your cute wins from Carol; isn't she fabulous? I'm intrigued about that ladybug farm series. I definitely have it on my TBR. I like to read about older women and get tired of the young ones sometimes. I like relating especially to those around my age.

  6. Congratulations on your prize winning! I like the buttons and salted caramel is one of my favorites. I think the ladybug books look very good. Both my husband and I have read all of the Mitford Series books, so if this is similar I think I'll need to look into this new series. Those winds can be terrifying. We had them 80-100 mph last November and most of our city lost power and trees, huge trees, were uprooted. Hundreds of roofs were torn off. I grew up in Nebraska and Iowa and we'll remember the tornado warnings. So scary. I'm glad you're okay.


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