Friday, April 8, 2016

Blew it! Books I've been reading..........

I just started a new post and wanted to go back and see what books I had already posted about and so I deleted the "empty/just created post" and deleted everything back to January 16!!!!!  Ahhhhh!!!!!!  I lost it all!  So, that brings up a good topic.  How do you back up your posts?  I have almost 8 years worth.  After all that time invested I would hate to lose it all.  What do you guys do?   I can't afford to have books made out of it all.  I think that is pretty expensive.  I know, I should have thought of this a long time ago!
Meanwhile, back at the grandson, Grayson, was in the hospital this week with the Rhino virus.  The poor little guy is a live wire but when he gets sick he can't breathe and ends up in the hospital.  I hope as he gets older he can outgrow these issues.....meanwhile, it's scary!  He's home now and doing much better.
 I can't seem to keep up with anything anymore.  Is this what getting older is like or should I have had my "ducks in a row" a long time ago?  I was going to do a garage sale but it's cold and windy and I can't haul the stuff I want to sell so there goes another "missed opportunity", someone ran into my mailbox which is already missing the door, the propane truck drove their big truck on the lawn to fill up the tank right after it rained big time and I about break my neck taking the laundry out to the clothesline the ruts are so big and on top of that every Spring the water department comes and digs up my front lawn.....they always say they're trying to "find a leak" but where?  I 'm not having a problem and no one else around me gets their lawn dug up so where is this "leak"?  I hate to feel paranoid but golly gee whiz!  Maybe God is just telling me to pack my saddle bag and move on down the road.  Oh well, things could be worse and for many in this world they are so I guess I'd better shut up! LOL!
As for books I've read and been reading...........I was going to check back on my old blogs to see where I left off but I can't do that now so I guess I will "wing it".......
The Violets of March
by Sarah Jio is the first book I read by this author and it was excellent!  I think I told you about that one but not sure.  I just finished her 2nd book, The Bungalow  and again she wrote a winner!
The links will take you  to Amazon and a synopsis of the books as they do a better job than I could.
I finished an audio tape (old one) by Gloria Steinhem but wasn't too impressed.  Of course, it's old news now but she read her own book and sometimes that doesn't work out too well. 
I'm back to one of my favs...Agatha Christie...........actually I'm almost done with this one!  You can't beat this woman when it comes to a good mystery!  It's an audio tape.
I finished these 2 books (one volume) but she's a bit wordy for me.....I have lots more of them but not sure I want to waste time on them.  I'll try one more maybe but they're all rather thick books because she's so wordy and the sarcastic humor is a bit overdone I think.  I shouldn't be reviewing anything after the week I've had!  LOL!  I think my "good nature" has been a bit strained.
This is her 3rd book in the Maisie Dobbs series and another winner for sure!  It's very good and I'm almost finished.  It's hard to put down and it's been great to read before bed to get my mind off of things.  She is such a great author! 
I have other things to show you but I best wait as this post is already too long and I have to eat supper.  I hope you've had a good week and I'll talk to you tomorrow!
Happy Trails!


  1. Oh my goodness! You poor dear! I hate that you lost so many of your posts. I haven't backed my blog up in a long time. Shish! What a bummer! Love the Maisie Dobbs books...they are all great! Sending you lots of hugs...hope you get them all...Diane

  2. Agatha Christie is one of my favourite series to re-read and re-read. So sorry you lost so many posts.

    So very sorry to read about losing blog posts back to January, that hurts.



  3. That sucks, blogger didn't like you!
    I have printed out some and put them in a binder. My daughter Jen made me a book of one year. I have one more year done and ready to print and working on another. Each year is about $100 for me. I use blurb:)

  4. I don't have a clue how to back up a blog. I guess I didn't know that you could even do that! You do seem to have had a run of bad luck but maybe things will be better from here on out. I can't even begin to imagine why they would dig your lawn up every single year. I think my husband would have a huge fit if they did that to him. I hope your weekend goes better now.

  5. all those blog posts are showing up in my blog reader called old reader. I will attempt to email them to you.

  6. You are a fast reader. Have a fun, reading weekend.

  7. Oh gosh. I have copies of mine up to August of 2013. I should get back to that. I have been copying them and pasting them to Word, then saving them on my hard drive (I should print them as I post them).

  8. I sent a bunch, hope you got them:)

  9. I'm glad your grandson is better, must be quite scary even if it happens a bit! I didn't even know you could delete all the posts - I just thought I'd comment on your year of projects post and it was gone!

  10. I'm glad your grandson is better, must be quite scary even if it happens a bit! I didn't even know you could delete all the posts - I just thought I'd comment on your year of projects post and it was gone!

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