Thursday, September 17, 2015

Hot here again!

I got out and mowed yesterday before the rains coming this weekend and yesterday was nice and cloudy but today....Whew!  It's 90 or near there and the humidity is up again.  So glad I mowed yesterday!
I used my furniture polish again too.....look at this one.........
I was so thrilled by the look of it I didn't take a total after picture but as you can see it really made a difference.
I've been cooking up some "grub".....yesterday was lentil and ham soup.  I had leftover ham but no bone so I went to the store and they had "smoked pork hocks" so I froze a few and used one to put in the soup.  Evidently they use these a lot in the South.  It was yummy and very filling and healthy too.  I made cornbread to go with it.  This was when it just started cooking.  Here's the recipe

This morning I made scrambled eggs and threw in some banana peppers and chopped up tomatoes from my little garden.  I always take a picture before it's cooked and then forget to take one after....I guess I'm too hungry to bother and want to get right to the eating part! LOL!

Pretty colorful it was and very tasty....again a healthy dish.
Fall/Winter is coming as the spiders are making webs like crazy around the outside of the house and trying to get inside too!  This one was eating a moth for breakfast.  YUCH!  It looks like the black widows that love to hang out by my front door but I didn't want to get close enough to identify it.
I had my knitting book out and I thought maybe Miss Peeps was trying to read but right after I took this picture she attacked it and ripped it!  I think she's teething....she'll gnaw on whatever is available!  But not my books....shame on Miss Peeps!  I had put the yarn up but I didn't think I needed to worry about the book.....WRONG!
Speaking of knitting, I have 2 squares done of 42 for the "scrapghan" blanket I'm working on.  There are 15 felted wool squares, 15 crocheted squares and 12 knitted squares.  The squares are working out to be about 9" x 9".  Each block is a different pattern which makes it interesting and I'm learning some new designs.  The first was a plain garter stitch....all knit which makes it look like all purl to me.
The next was stockinette; which is knit a row, purl a row.  Now this looks like knitting to me...........
but it does curl up..........
The next one is a diamond stitch which is fun to make but you have to pay t.v. watching for this block!  Can you see the diamond pattern starting to emerge?  It's hard to see with the navy blue yarn.
I need to sit down and make my Christmas far it's just in my head and that's pretty scary!
Tonight starts Grey's Anatomy but with Derek gone.....(after all summer I'm still not over it), I can't imagine that the show will be as good as before.  The whole show was based on them as a couple, their careers, their home and children!  Oh, don't get me started!  As for the 13th season of Dancing With the Stars?  Bring it on!  It started Monday and there are some great people on there.  Bindy from Australia who's Dad was the alligator whisperer and who died....she's 18 now!  Where have the years gone?  Paula Deen is on and one of the guys from the threesome that took down the terrorist on the Paris train.  Plus, I forget his name, but he's a crazy old guy with white hair and I mean "crazy"!  Everyone treats him like he's normal but I don't see anything "normal" about him.  The poor gal that has him as a partner is already having to fight him off.  He's disgusting!  Anyway, that's my Fall t.v. roundup along with college football.  The NFL is almost non-existent on regular t.v. since they can get "the big bucks" from the cable networks.  It's okay as the college games are more exciting anyway.   What are you watching this Fall?
Happy Trails!


  1. I can't believe the difference your furniture polish makes. It's a beautiful piece of furniture too. Maybe Miss Peeps is jealous of your knitting. She just wants attention! :-). Lol your squares look great. I've been crocheting on a couple of baby blankets this week and tried a new recipe for pumpkin cakeish like dessert for Bible study tonight. The house smells good and I hope it tastes good too!

    1. Yes, Miss Peeps does like to be the center of attention! I have to stop by and see your crochet. It's always motivating to see what others are working on. The pumpkin dessert sounds yummy!

  2. I watched DWTS too...yes Gary Busey is crazy...i like Bindi too...I hope she wins.Alek the hero was pretty good too. I like Project Runway on Thursday nights. Did you see Home Free it is over but I enjoyed it too. Your new afghan will be marvelous. Give Miss Peeps her own book:)

    1. That's his name, Gary Busey, thank you! I asked my daughter about him and evidently he's "fried some brain cells" with either alcohol or drugs or both....very sad but he's still disgusting! I watched NFL last night and I've never heard of Home Free....what's that about? I think we get different shows sometimes. I do plan on seeing if I can watch Fargo tonight on Netflix. It looked good to me and there was snow in it! LOL!
      I give Miss Peeps junk mail to read/chew! Good idea huh? There's always plenty of that!

  3. I saw that Bindi is all grown up now. Crazy! Still so sad that her daddy died that way. The scrapghan is gonna be great. Still too hot and humid here. Have a good Friday.

    1. Hi's "retirement" (I know you're too young for that) going? Yep, too hot and humid here too.....Fall can come anytime now....all the signs are in place! You're just going into summer now, right? You have a great Friday too!

  4. We were talking about the football games too. I don't get to see many any more. Your meals sound yummy this week. Nice to have some cooler weather, isn't it? Hugs!

    1. Well, I'm already tired of the ham/lentil soup...I've decided I prefer beans to lentils. Yes, there is only 1 game on Sundays when there used to be 2 and although they advertised Monday night football it must be on ESPN which I don't get but I did get to watch the KC Chiefs and the Denver Broncos last night and it was a great game except I was hoping KC would win and they almost did! Payton Manning pulled it off right at the end.....he is amazing! It's not cooler here yet....not cool enough for me anyway! LOL! Hugs to you too!

  5. That is one transformation the polish is giving your furniture piece there. Ah, Miss Peeps. Such a playful cat. I stopped watching Grey's after Christina left. It wasn't the same anymore. I read about Derek's character getting killed off. He didn't even know. I think it's mean to off a character and not talking to the actor about it. I haven't checked out DWTS yet. Last year I had started watching again and loved Rumor Willis. I'll see if any of this cast appeals to me. I haven't been watching much TV of late. Me and the girls are trying to finish last season's America's Got Talent. There are so many shows. We're in the semifinals now. I'm trying to catch up on The Good Wife's last seaons 6. I like Nashville and Fresh Off the Boat too. I'm probably going to stop watching Scandal and Vampire Diaries.

  6. Yes, Rumor was great and I liked the guy with the blond hair too. It was a good season last year. I didn't realize Christina was "leaving"...duh...I guess I thought she would still be around. Why do they get rid of their best characters? I'm really not into Grey's this year and the other night was the last episode of last season....not the new season...that's this week. Do you watch old shows on Netflix? My son got me Netflix but I really didn't see much good on there either. I'm so picky and old fashioned too probably. America's Got Talent is good but I don't watch it.
    Playful is a polite word to use for Miss Peeps...she's had more timeouts than my children combined ever had! LOL! Have a great week. I hope the girls are enjoying school.


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