Sunday, December 28, 2014

YOP Week #26

I don't have much to show but here goes.  Actually, I'm trying to get back to my personal projects after doing months of gift making and now my tools and patterns are scattered to the wind.  Next week I will hopefully have reorganized things and gathered "my flock".
I finally got the hat done for my SIL....13th try was my lucky number and it just so happens it's his.
(Pardon my exuberance but I just found a fun, new to me, free photo editor called Ribbet supposedly just like the old Picnik which is no more.)
He loved the hat but it is too small which I was afraid of so I will get head circumference and make him another one (really????).  This one fits my daughter so when it's all said and done they'll have matching hats.  I hope there's no "second hat syndrome".
After the hat I decided to take a break plus I had cleaning and Christmas to do.
But I did a couple little some hexies or rather pentagons in this one........
These are great for mindless t.v. watching and addictive too!  I'm going to make a bunch just to put in a bowl for decoration.
But one is going to go into a vintage jello mold like it was meant to.........this pattern is for sale (including the pentagon papers for making them) over at Pam Buda's Heartspun Quilts
She has lots of other interesting things there too.  Check her out.  No yarn though that I remember.  I'm a little "yarned out" at the moment.
I have started back working on the crocheted "Jesus" bookmarks for my daughter's Bible study group.  I have 5 of the 10-12 done so far and I'm getting pretty good with that tiny hook.  At first it was like pulling hen's teeth.
Last night I finally got around to making some Christmas cookies.....and eating some too!
 That's all for this week....hopefully by next week I'll have a few more least something different than my same old projects every week.  I also need to update my original project list and Ravelry list so I know where I stand.
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas or Hanukkah or whatever you celebrate and here's wishing everyone a safe and Happy New Year!  Happy Trails!


  1. And a happy Christmas to you too. You have some lovely projects there - even if the recipient changed on completion!! Happy New year.

  2. Cookies look good! Happy New year!

  3. I like the hat... Too bad it was too small :(

  4. Too bad the hat was too small....that hook must have been hard to get used to, as I don't think hens have that would be very difficult! :-)

  5. The hat and hexie projects both turned out great. I planned to make bookmarks for everyone at our Bible study group too, but ran out of time. I guess it doesn't have to be just a Christmas time gift though, I could do it later in the year. :-)
    The cookies look delicious and it's never too late to make cookies!

  6. That hexi ball is perfect for little ones who can never resist a ball. I love vintage jello molds. My mum has a simple, plastic one, but you can't that anywhere. She makes these wonderful jello molds sometimes. My fave is the cranberry one for Thanksgiving.

  7. Yayy to the hat bit of a bummer to it not fitting but only because it means you've to knit another. Love the ball the hexiagons are cute and what a great gift for a wee one it would make. Looking forward to seeing what you've got next week and I'm glad to see you back.

  8. Those bookmarks are lovely. That little hook and thread would certainly drive me bonkers. :) Have a marvelous Monday! Tammy

  9. I have been lucky to find those jello molds for making pin cushions too. So cute. Merry Christmas to you too.

  10. Too bad the hat was too small, hopefully the next one won't take 13 tries! Your book marks are coming along!! :)

  11. Great projects and I love that quilted ball - so cute!!


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