Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Outside decorations are up and another present finished.....

I'm so sorry I haven't been visiting but we had 2 days of 72 degrees and I had to get out and take advantage of it!  Mostly putting up Christmas decorations but also taking down some "harvest" decorations I had up from Thanksgiving.  I also got more windows washed!  My bedroom, my bathroom, front door and the kitchen!  YAY!  I didn't think I would even get to them at all this year.  Hallelujah!
 I have 2 of these little "fake" pines sitting on either side of my garage in the pots that held the tomatoes this summer.  Below is the front porch and I have lots of burned out bulbs and I went to the Dollar Store but nada so it is what it is!   But it still looked cozy the next day when the temperature dropped and it rained.....ahhhhhh.

This picture was taken when it was still 72 outside! LOL!
I finally finished the Hawkeye hat for my SIL but I'm afraid it won't fit him as I couldn't get it on my head although I did not try real hard.  But I will explain the "magic" behind the hat and Fibonacci sequence and promise to make him one that fits his head.  Am I really going to make another one?  This was the 13th try at this hat.....what's the "magic" in that?

But that's next year, meanwhile, I got this in the mail, from me, for me...........a tin pinkeep by Pam Buda who is the designer behind Heartspun Quilts.  Pam has a blog too and I was inspired by a post from Kindred Quilts not too long ago where she was making these pentagon balls and having too much fun!  I love sitting in the evening and doing these as they are relaxing and you can watch t.v. while doing it.  The vintage jello mold does not come with it; just the pattern and the cardboard templates to make the pentagons.  I did see lots of jello molds out on Ebay though so I don't think they're hard to find and of course you wouldn't have to use a vintage jello mold at all.
Here's one I almost finished last night.
I hope your holidays are coming together just like you want them too! Happy Trails!


  1. Those little hexies pin cushions are an adorable idea.

  2. Hi Sam,what a lovely post your pics are beautiful.xx

  3. Such pretty decorations. It sounds like you've been a busy lady! That hexie cushion is really sweet and I think you're right, any little container would do. Happy Tuesday!

  4. Your Christmas lights look so nice and festive. It's great to have some warm weather to put them out. Enjoy your sewing and crafting my friend! Sweet hugs, Diane

  5. Cute pincushion, and outdoor lights.
    Yay! I am glad that you had warm enough weather to finish up your outside 'to-do' list.

    Happy Wednesday.


  6. cute idea, you could put it in a teacup too:)

  7. You always have so much energy to get things done. What things you accomplish. Colored lights are always festive. We go with artificial too.

  8. How warm and cosy your pretty coloured lights look....really lovely and festive! I love the pincushion, how cute and perfect for gift making! You have been busy and hard working as usual, and well done on getting all those windows cleaned.....reminding me I need to do some too...thank you for your sweet catch up comments on my blog, dear Sam.....I love to read them all!
    Wishing you happy and cosy times in the countdown to Christmas.
    Helen xox


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