Sunday, September 14, 2014

YOP Week #11

This week did not see much progress.  In fact, there was a lot of reverse going on.  It is the 11th week of YOP but it is also the week of 9/11 and looking back on that tragedy.  There were also plenty of new tragedies around the world and there seem to be lots of  changes going on everywhere...some good and some not so good.  Here on the home front there was frogging and starting over and learning, or trying, to fix my mistakes.  But this morning was a beauty of a day to wake up to..........
Now for the progress or rather lack of it on the YOP front........
This particular project was 1/2 done but there was a gap where I first joined it in the round and another a few rows up.  It kept bugging me and I mentioned it to a fellow knitter at the LYS and she "googled" it and found "the error of my ways" and how to fix it!  See where it's joined there at the top?  No more gap!  And this is how you fix it
You all probably know this technique but I didn't and I was very grateful to the woman at the yarn shop who pointed it out to me.  So, in case you didn't know this little trick I thought I would pass it on.
 Meanwhile, I was able to pick up the supplies for what I think is the last Christmas present.  Now, I just need to get busy and make them all! LOL!
I also have been working on my 2nd sock but I dropped a stitch.  Not a biggy you say as there is a well-known technique for fixing that........except look at ladders for a few stitches and then closes back up after about 2 stitches! How do I fix that?  At this point it looks more like I need a life line.  See, I told you this was a week of going in reverse.  But I need to hone these techniques and learn if I plan on knitting for the rest of my life so "no time like the present"!
It doesn't make for a very interesting blog post though so I  thought I would throw in a few tidbits that ARE interesting and so my book anyway.  Susan B. Anderson, one of my favorite designers, came out with a new pattern that I will have to make in the future.  I have a son, Ben who has a little boy he calls "Buddy".... now look at this
Isn't it darling? 
I also found the yarn for my next socks...........these are Susan's Hudson Bay socks that she just finished using her pattern which is free here

and the yarn is from Fishknits Yarn
Another pair of socks I want to copy are these that Susan is making...........same basic pattern but look at this yarn!
The yarn is from Coloring Book Yarns but it seems the minute Susan mentions someone on her blog they sell out so check back later if you're interested in any of them.  I love Susan's blog and I have never gone wrong with her recommendations on anything.  She also shows how to wind your yarn that way....I have not tried it yet.  Plus she has lots of drawings for winning books, yarn, project bags etc. 
DISCLAIMER:  Susan was NOT driving when that picture was taken! LOL!
Have a great week everyone and I hope I have more to show for myself next week!
Happy Trails!


  1. I love those two independent dyers. I will have to look them up in near future. Yay on learning something new. When I first learned how to knit, hats was our first project. The teacher taught us to overlap the first and last stitches. Sometimes I CO an extra stitch and decrease. Your sky photos are gorgeous!

  2. really enjoyed your post and the photo's are fabulous x

  3. That's a very dramatic sky, but don't they say "Red sky at morning, sailors take warning"?

    I'm afraid ripping back is a fact of life in knitting. In fact when you get to the point where you rip back fearlessly then it's quite liberating.

    As for joining in the round, there are a number of ways to do it. Usually I cast on one more stitch and pass it over the first stitch.

  4. I want that stripy colouring book yarn!!

  5. What a great post! I'm sorry it was a week of reverse and learning the lifeline I think is a great one to learn, I knew about the overlapping and the adding an extra stitch and decreasing but not about the others so thank you. There is always something to be learnt I find, right now for me it's the contintental knitting. That sky is gorgeous, here in Ireland we would expect rain later in the day though after it :)
    I may have to put off the Blackberry Salad blanket to the new year, with the rainbow blankets I have to gift I'm behind on my blankets section.

  6. Very pretty sky pictures.
    Sorry about the frustrating knitting week. Hope that this one is better.
    Sorry, I can be of no help in that regard, as I am not a knitter... other than knitting in a straight line :)

    Hope this is a great week for you!

  7. Oh how I wish I could knit,,, but like dancing... I have to many fingers/feet and so I stick with spray painting anything that dose not move! lol!

  8. Oh what a beautiful sky!! And what a sweet lady to find that tutorial for you! Yay for a fixed problem! You've got some great projects ahead of you, can't wait to read about the progress!!

  9. LOVE those socks and the fabulous yarns that you are using. I honestly would never have believed that the HB socks were done in one yarn - I felt sure you'd done the stripes by switching yarns.

    Thanks for the link to the technique for avoiding the little gap - I think I'd heard of it before but I'd totally forgotten before now, so will definitely be using that technique from now on!


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