Sunday, July 6, 2014

YOP Sunday #1 we are....Year of Projects 2014-2015....and look how far we've come with new skills, new friends and new accomplishments to show for our efforts.  This had been a wonderful experience for me and so with out further adeiu......let the show begin! (music fanfare, drum roll...etc.)
 I'm not going to waste time on all my WIP's and some projects that didn't even get off the ground last year...those are still hanging around but for this first edition of YOP2014-2015 I am going to focus on the new and trending...for me anyway. (another drum roll and more music fanfare).

YOP 2014-2015 Official List of Dreams Projects:
Areas of Operation are:
1.  Christmas
2.  Birthdays
3.  Special Occasions
4.  Holidays
5.  Charity
6.  Skills and Techniques
7.  Clothing
8.  Household
9.  Decorations

Those are my categories and not all of them will have an entry but I like to use them as they help me remember people and things I don't want to forget such as pets, anniversaries, and me!  LOL!
Also, there are specific items I want to make such as; this year there will be (hopefully) more socks and a shawl which I've never done and more toys, as I am really enjoying those and I can't leave out a new blanket as you know how I love me a new blanket!  It's been quite the project just to organize and narrrow down  as I make almost all gifts so that means I need to know what everyone is going to get for Christmas, birthdays, etc. 
I tagged my projects this year in my "favorites" as 201415 so that I can easily see what lies in my future!  As I begin each project they will be moved to my "project" page.  There are 51 projects which means about 1 per week...well....we know that's not going to happen but in my defense I have duplicate patterns of (for example) hedgehog mittens as I haven't decided which pattern I am going to use.
I will also be doing some projects from the following books but since those aren't on Ravelry, I will document those as I go.  Here are the books I will be knitting/crocheting out of (excluding one from last year that I couldn't lay my hands on at the moment):
This book has the pattern that I will be using for my daughter and son-in-laws blanket that I was making for the 5th time from a pattern she chose that I just could not work with the Homespun (yarn from hell).  I am trying this pattern in this book as I have done several blankets from it in the past and loved it.
Only one item from this book and it is the Frida Kahlo amigurumi doll for my daughter who is an art teacher and Frida is one of her favorite artists.
I'm making the blanket on the cover from this book and that is all.
 Let's face it.....there can never be too many socks or blankets in my book! This book has socks for everyone in every size and style.
 Ahhh...there are too many cute things in here to count.........
 I love toy making and hopefully these won't take as long as blankets! LOL!
That's it for the books and mostly they are things already on my project list below just different patterns such washcloths and potholders, etc.  
As for skills and techniques I want to learn:  1) double knitting, 2) stranded colorwork, 3) designing, 4) faster knitting as in continental, and tunisian crochet.
 So, I really did try to narrow things down but you know how that many little time!

Happy Trails! I'll be over later to see what the year ahead is going to be like for the rest of you YOP'ers


  1. Wow these books are amazing..
    Enjoy x

  2. Love your categories and the books you have chosen look lovely. I can't wait to see all your projects as they come to life. Looking forward to your weekly insights and inspiration :-)

  3. I'd have given up on the yarn from hell long before now!

    Lots of books and lots of ideas. I'm going to try to do mostly socks for Christmas gifts (surprise?) and then little things. I hate feeling pressured in the few weeks before Christmas!

  4. Like "Minding my own stitches". I hate the last minute rush. I plan on asking teachers for their shoe sizes this year and tell them they aren't allowed to ask why I need such information!

  5. I look forward to seeing pictures of all your finishes.

  6. Well you certainly have a great list of projects there, and some great pattern books as well.
    You have accomplished so many projects so far, I have no doubt that you will be able to check off this years list also.

    Had to chuckle at you description of the yarn that you don't like ...hahah!

    Hope you had a great 4th.


  7. What an awesome list..looking forward to following your year x

  8. I love how you have categories for everything this year and how each project will fit into one of those. I just love love love that little star blanket I'm going to have to find a pattern for that one! Of course you can never have too many socks or blankets, they are always needed and wanted and used. I also like how you've set out your new techniques to learn for the year, those are going to be fun. Personally I love double knitting and strandad colourwork, not as much as I love lace but well you get the idea. Really looking forward to getting stuck into this year and popping by to see what you've been up.

  9. Sounds like a busy year for you and I look forward to the accomplishments as they are documented:)

  10. I like this avocado green background you got here. You are super organized. I like how there's a variety of types of projects. I have great respect for blanket knitters/crocheters.

  11. An ambitious list :D It will be great following your progress this year too ^^ So many interesting books!

  12. Great list. And I agree, 51 projects in 52 weeks is a bit daunting, but it will be fun to see how well you do throughout the year.

  13. Those books are stunning! I might have to add a few to my list! Good luck and I look forward to future updates.

  14. You really love your handiwork!
    I love your plan to make your gifts. As far as I'm concerned those are my most favorite ones to receive.

  15. I wish my crocheting skills were greater... alas, I can only do simple little projects... but I do dream of some day broadening my skills. In the mean time I will 'crochet' vicariously through your blog!

  16. I love the itty bitty toys! So many cute projects! Enjoy your week my friend! Hugs!

  17. Love the books - in particular the Mollie Makes Crochet book. I have one of those for Christmas projects and it's lovely!

    Really fancy making the crochet blanket on the cover of the Mollie Makes book, but with a Granny Square blanket already on the go I think i won't manage that this year. :(


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