Sunday, June 22, 2014

YOP Sunday

This is the second to the last Sunday for this year's YOP.   Next Sunday is the wrap up and then on to Year #4....I cannot believe it!  I have not gotten much of anything done this week except I was really good at being scatter-brained.  All of a sudden I got the urge to clean and clear out and trust me, that doesn't happen often enough around here so I had to go with really wasn't a choice if you saw my house. 
I have "miles to go before I sleep" but I dusted, vacuumed, washed windows, and even took my wicker outside and hosed it down (the easiest way to dust wicker).  I hung new curtains....really I just hang towels and dresser scarves for curtains using clips and tension rods).  I took down the drapes and threw them out after trying to wash them....they were my Mother's good silk drapes but they were old and the sun had it's way with the edges of them plus I can't afford to have them cleaned...the last time it cost $60.00 so out they went!  I like everything in my house to be "scrubbable".  Now, if I could only get rid of all the carpeting! LOL!
As for YOP progress....a little.......the giraffe's legs are done and I've started on the spots
  I also unpinned and repinned the quilt using my new taped "skewer method".....I'm going to leave the skewers there and just cover with a tablecloth so I will always have it ready

We've had a boatload of rain here which is nice for a change but it sure makes it way down the hills like a raging river......... erosion at work
I finally got my rock layed and now need more of more wasting money on mulch
Here's some pictures from my walks this week........ you know what this flower is?  These are all out in the woods.  It looks like Kalanchoe but that doesn't grow wild does it?
  Wild raspberries!  I have to remember where these are!
 Does anyone know what these are?   They look like pom poms!
Coming back out of "the hills" towards the lake.........
Back to civilization........
Someone's put some cute decorations out for the upcoming holiday here in the states!
Have a great week everyone and pray that I get some WIP's wrapped up this week! LOL!  Happy Trails!


  1. Such a beautiful post my dear..
    Sending you big hugs x

  2. Good legs!! We have got our raspberries out too - seems a little early, but I am not complaining!

  3. You have been a busy bee this week, don't overdo it too much though. Hard to believe we are at the end of another yop year, I've not got a lot to show for this week either but lots of work going on in the background.

  4. Just love all the pictures of the flowers. So pretty.

  5. Lovely walk through the woods. I'm not much help with identifying wild flowers. Nice to get everything clean. I love the idea of tea towels as curtains :)

    I get the urge to clean and clear out clutter far too often ... Gavin sometimes comes into a room to find it nearly empty and wonders if I've been cleaning or if I've moved out and left him, LOL!

  6. The first orange one is Butterfly Weed...the Monarchs only food source. There are many varities some are pink or white or light pink.
    The second flower is a Daisy.
    The Yellow ones are of my fav fowers.
    I do not know what the Pink Pom Pom one is probably native to your State. It might be in the pea family.
    Cleaning and Organizing too and it will be great to get it done! :)

  7. The pink one is this
    Mimosa nuttallii or Sensitive Briar
    I was incorrect in my comment it is in the Bean Family:)

  8. I was going to mention that the orange flower is butterfly weed...but I see someone beat me to it. We see it in the ditches in NC and ever saw some here in Florida along an old road. You've sure been busy! I need to get the cleaning bug! lol Hugs!

  9. Love the cute café style curtains... checks are my favorite!

    You have some beautiful foliage to look at on your walks. Lucky you!!

    Knowing you, you will have your YOP wrapped up, and ready to dig into some new projects.

    Have a great week!!


  10. You go on the cleaning. That rocky path looks terrific in your garden.


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