Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday the 13th...and look how lucky I was!

Yesterday I got out and got the lawn mowed and just in time as it rained again starting about noon and then it rained in the night again.  This is the "rainiest" Spring I remember but I'm loving it!  I had to take a picture of this beautiful fungi before I mowed...poisonous I'm sure but gorgeous.
 All the flowers are doing so well......
 The butterflies and bees are having a good time out in the woods too.
 I used that spray paint I bought the other day...the cream colored........
 These are old "foam" lightweight flower boxes and fit nicely into my window wells.  I planted this one  with thyme, flat leaf parsley and rosemary.  I need another can of paint to do the other one.
Above  is my driveway "seams"....there's about 5 of them and I weed them every year and every year they fill up with weeds again so I weeded one today..........

I still need to get all the dirt out of it and THEN.....I'll be filling it with silicone caulk....WHO KNEW?  I didn't, obviously!  I do now and this will hopefully be the last time I ever have to weed these "seams".  They are there for a reason as they give the concrete a place to expand and contract without cracking but the silicone caulk is very flexible so PROBLEM SOLVED!
After all this work I decided I needed to go to the thrift store so off I went and look what I came home with...........a hand stitched, hand quilted doll or baby quilt.
I just love it!  

I also got a couple dresser scarves......there's some yellowing but I think I might be able to get it out....
I also got a pair of curtains for the guest bathroom probably. 
 This book is an exact reprint of a book from 1933 ............
and I love the old illustrations..........
I hope you had a great Friday the 13th but watch out.....there's full moon tonight!  Happy Trails!


  1. Your garden is looking so beautiful and I love your thrift store finds.

  2. Aww your garden is so lovely and I love your new treasure so much
    Hugs xxx

  3. I love your thrift finds. I have some dresser scarves very similar to those, that my grandmother made.

  4. Lovely finds! Curtains are beautiful - and so is your garden :)

  5. Your flowers are all so pretty.
    It's such a nice time of year, and we are all so blessed to be able to enjoy this gardening season :)

    Great finds at the thrift store!!
    Love that sweet little hand-crafted blanket.
    A labor of love .

    Loving your idea about the concrete seams. I had the same idea a few weeks ago, and bought what I needed to get it all done.
    I think I saw the idea on Pinterest, and told my husband about it.
    We want to power-wash all the concrete first ... then caulk.

    Hope you have a nice day!!


  6. That little quilt is wonderful...maybe a table topper or wall hanging...good finds:)


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