Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Not sick but that's only because I won't admit it.....

And I'm not really...no temp, but tired, listless, eyes watering, headache.  I was fighting something over the weekend.  One of my little grandson's has been ill up North and maybe Grandma thought she could take some of it off of him?  Regardless, I never lay down or nap but I finally did over the weekend and then last night only could sleep 3 hours.  Crazy, but I am slogging through whatever it is because the sun is shining and it is in the high 60's here!  Hallelujah! 
I will be around to catch up with everyone and meanwhile here's what I've been up to in between naps and blowing my nose.

Yep...accomplished one of my Valentine Day objectives....I made homemade cards and envelopes.  It was fun but I am a novice especially at the cards.  I hope everyone had a happy Valentine's Day/weekend.


  1. The envelope is very clever. Love it. And I hope you're feeling 100% soon.

  2. I have an envelope thingy..but yours looks simpler than mine..some engineer made mine:( Hope you feel better soon. We got Far Guy a Roku today!!! Still figuring out some of the programing. :)

  3. Love your cards and envelopes, they are really special. Sorry you have been unwell, Sam, and hope you will soon be feeling better......in the meantime get lots of rest and take care of yourself.
    P.s. Loved your comment, especially about the word 'haberdashery' .......you are right, it has a different meaning depending where you are....in the US it means men's clothing, in the UK it means sewing supplies!! Hope my readers realise which one I meant, LOL!!!
    Helen xox


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