Sunday, May 5, 2013

YOP Update

I had my post all written but tried copying in my Ravelry projects from there and it messed it up so I will just show you what's changed.  I've been spending time outside so not a lot of progress but some..........
This isn't knitting or crocheting but I have to show it to you anyway as I have other "loves".........I finally sewed my little Cath Kidson purse together and was really pleased that the zipper went in so easily!  I haven't sewn a zipper for over 40 years! LOL!

 I made very little progress on the Blackberry Salad blanket as I kept starting over because the bobbles were every other one until I would get to the end of a row and then they were right on top of each other.  Did anyone else have this problem when they made it?  I MUST be making a mistake but I keep counting  my stitches and there's 3 in between each bobble stitch so I have no idea what I'm doing wrong.  Should I start over or just ignore it?
I finally ordered the chair pad supplies (Sit Upons), at least for one.  The yarn and needles are on their way and hopefully I'll have something to show next week.  I'm still knitting socks as time permits and there will be LOTS on my list come July.
I am also going to be crocheting this blanket.......(YOP 2014)
It's in a book I bought by Nicki Trench (English designer,crocheter and teacher). This blanket will allow me to order yarn a little at a time since there are about 7 colors and they're not next to each other so dye lots will not be a problem.  They are individual squares that are crocheted together later.  I am looking to start or join a group for this book, for the first Mason-Dixon knitting book or any suggestions you all might have.  I think it would be a challenge to crochet and or knit an entire book!  Or we could all do different books.  Let me know what you think.
That's all folks!  I'll stop by later! 


  1. Your blanket is looking so mouthwateringly scrumptious!

    I have the same Nicky Trench book and I love the look of that blanket too, but the thought of all those ends is too much for me :D

  2. I agree with Sarah above about all the ends. Done too many like that so am stirring clear least for awhile.

    Love the colors of your bobbles, but don't know why that's happening, could it because of your turning chain?

  3. Your purse is totally charming.

  4. I think both the blanket you're working on and the one you're planning look fabulous :)

  5. I always have problems with crochet counting and things always end up I can't help.. I always miscount! Try to figure out the problem then keep going...trying not to frog..

    Ruth switched her blog to "in my spare moments" or something like that on wordpress... go back to the last update on YOP and use that link...

  6. wow that blanket is really pretty; I love the colours. Have a knitty Monday xx

    ooh and I love the purse.

  7. Beautiful cross stitch. Zippers are so daunting aren't they? I've frogged projects because of zippers. So glad the zipper went in easy for you!

  8. I'm glad to see you got the little purse done. I've never sewn a zipper in. Don't think I would be very good at it since my sewing skills are basically nil. I've never done the bobble stitch. I mainly stick with simple patterns because I never count right and have a hard time keeping up with a pattern that switches row to row. I bought that same crochet book when I was in Dubai in December. Love the look of all the projects but of course haven't tried a one of them yet. :) Wishing you a wonderful day. Tammy

  9. I love the bright colors of the Blackberry Salad. There must be a miss print in the pattern or something. I hate it when the direction are bad.
    I like the colors of those what I would call granny squares:)


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