Sunday, May 12, 2013

YOP Update

My yarn came in, more on the way and I am onto a new project and yes it is on my YOP list for this year!  Amazing huh?  I've started the "situpons" which are really just chair pads and for now just one chair pad.
 I decided to go with just one color as opposed to a "rainbow" effect as  my kitchen is already pretty colorful and busy.  I've never done an I-cord before but it's easy except the first stitch you have to do really tight or you end up with a loop instead of a stitch.  I did a good job but like the Double Down potholders it is a bit hard on my hands.  Great for watching t.v. though as it is pretty mindless after a bit.  I need 9 yards of it before I can wind it into a circle and stitch together for a chair pad and with the needles and yarn it cost about $30.00!  I could have bought one for less but then that's not why we do this.  At least I can order the yarn one chair pad at a time.
Here's the I-cord......this is the same thing I made as a child with one of those spools with the nails...remember those?  I'm wondering if the spool would be easier on my hands? LOL!
I also finished my of them anyway and no, it wasn't on my original list (I'm SO bad) but it was FUN!
See the tail in the back?
I also got some other yarn when I ordered the chair pad supplies.  More yarn you say?  Yes, I had to order enough to get free shipping! LOL!  This will be featured in my next YOP list.......I call them "Coming Attractions"......and yes, of course it's for a project, you don't think I just order yarn for no reason do you?  LOL!  I ordered from Deramores as I love getting Royal Mail!  Happy Mother's Day to all and I hope all your fiber dreams came true!  If not, the internet is open 24/7!  You go girls!


  1. Oh yes, I ALWAYS order enough for free shipping .... just imagine paying for shipping instead of yarn! The iCord is fabulous. And before you start worrying about the cost of your situpon just ask me how much the average pair of socks costs me, LOL!

  2. The seat pad is going to look great in that lovely red yarn - and it will be so much more special that you've made it. We called it French knitting where you wove around nails stuck in the top of an old cotton reel here in the UK. You can still buy them now as fancy wooden things aimed at children!
    Love the chicken, fun!
    Enjoy being creative Sam!
    Gill xx

  3. Oh, and Happy Mother's day for yesterday Sam!

  4. ha on the chicken..what fun! I-cord is fun but oh my, that's a lot of I will be interesting to watch it grow! all of our projects would be cheaper to buy...but what's the fun in that?

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  6. I can't wait to see the seat pad!.. That chicken is adorable!!! Happy belated Mothers day!

  7. Finally getting to check in with you and you wouldn't beleive the last 48 hours I've had !! Elizabeth fell and broke her collarbone and I've been in and out of casuatly and well its a whole other story I'll have to email you on. I simply can't wait to see the seat pad, I've intentions of making some for my own dining table and chairs in the kitchen, I made some years ago for my mum's and she loved them. When I order the stylecraft special from Deramores I wait until they have the special pack in stock you get 17 balls of it for just over 30 pound and it works out to be great value. All the colours in my cushion cover come in it !


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