Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sock KAL is over and I didn't even know it! LOL!

A day late and a dollar short!  But I did finish my second pair of socks and now I am onto my 3rd pair using DPN's not Magic Loop.  I ordered the tutorial from Stacy  at Very Pink.  I took my first sock knitting tutorial from her on Magic Loop and made 2 pair so she's a great teacher if she can teach me!  You buy the pattern but then there are videos on You Tube that go along with it.  I highly recommend her if you are trying to learn all by yourself.  She's on Ravelry also.

 I spent the afternoon buying the patterns I needed, printing them off and putting them in plastic sleeves.  These are Jill Draper's Hudson Valley Winter Socks.....LOVE!  I was going to take her class on Creative Bug which is a really neat site where they offer classes in everything by great designers and teachers BUT they wanted $17.00 to sign up for a class without subscribing for a year but then when I went to sign up it went to $25.00 for a single class and then they would automatically bill me each month unless I canceled!  I DON'T THINK SO!   Oprah tried to do that to me also by automatically resubscribing me each year and I said "absolutely not"!  So, I bought her pattern instead and decided to take the DPN tutorial first and then I would tackle Jill's pattern.  The thing I liked about these socks is that the toe and heel are separate because they wear out first and this way you can knit a new heel and/or toe instead of getting rid of the whole sock.  Brilliant, I tell you, brilliant!
  I also needed supplies so I went to purchase some DPN's (double pointed needles) and I knew the sizes I needed but when I went to Knitpicks to order they had different lengths too!  Now I was befuddled!  So, I called them and had a nice conversation with a woman who answered my questions.  But I still need  to place the order.  At the same time, I was wondering about yarns and weights and if I could substitute some of the yarns I have instead of buying more.  Well, Knitpicks had that was a link to the Craft and Yarn Council  where I printed off 2 charts; one on yarn care symbols and the other on yarn weights.
I dug out my magazine on yarn edgings for towels that I was going to try and I thought I had to poke holes and do a blanket stitch first but not so.  These are crocheted and then hand sewn onto the towels.  I really wanted to learn how to do pillowcase edgings so I think I will go do that instead.  I know with the pillowcases you do poke a hole and do the blanket stitch first.
So, thanks to Pinterest and You Go Girl (who has 4 marvelous tutorials from making the pillowcase all the way through to crocheting the edging on) I think I'm good to go now!  Isn't hers gorgeous? 


And last but not kitchen chair pads which call for yet another size of DPN knitting needles 
 And then there's the material for the pillowcases.........I think I better go get a job! LOL!
Now, off to order supplies...thank goodness the internet never closes! LOL!  Have a great night and a great day tomorrow!


  1. Well done on getting another pair of socks done and best of luck with the dpn's, you'll manage it just fine I'm sure. Just keep watching the tutorials when you get stuck. You make me want to go and try the magic loop method as I've not done that way before and I should try it so I can then know for sure which way I like best. I love the pillowcase idea and I'm so tempted to try this out, I think my aunts would love this for presents. Just wanted to give you a heads up that I'm moving my blog over to wordpress
    It has an option to follow by email, I'm not sure if that suits or not but did just want to let you know.

  2. Now pillow cases would be fun to pu ton my list of new projects, but I keep putting off knitting socks. I too, put my instructions in plastic sleeves and in binders. I am starting to use tab dividers for specific sections too.

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