Sunday, March 3, 2013

YOP Update and more.....

Don't let Spring fool you!  We've had the coldest weather yet and I can't believe these daffodils survived the ice storm we had!
Meanwhile, I stopped watching television while knitting and it's amazing what progress I'm making!  Who knew?  Almost done with my second sock of my second pair.  I only had 1 pair on my YOP list but I think I will always have a pair of socks on my needles from now on.  I must admit though, I think I know why people use the multi-colored and self-striping......because solid colors,  especially light ones, show every  little snag and stitch that's not perfect!  My next pair will be multi-colored/patterned for sure! LOL!

I had to throw in a bit of greenery although this "Holly" (I think it's holly?) looks like this year round.  I'm getting Spring Fever down here in Arkansas.
I need to make some cookies today too, oatmeal crisps from Pioneer Woman.  they are her husband's favorites and  mine too!  I love the fact that they're refrigerator so I make 2 rolls and freeze one for another time.  Meanwhile, I've added a few new colors to the Blackberry Salad blanket.  Now this project is great for watching t.v.!  Another reason to have multiple projects going at once! LOL!

I think I only had 1 or 2 potholders on my list too but these are great for in between projects when you just have to have something to work on but you're too tired to start putting another project together.  Again, I think I will always have these going and/or washcloths for a quick, "grabable" project which also travels well as they're small.  See the Burpee seed catalog there under the crochet book?  I can't help it!  I have so many projects going and now it's time to garden too!  Oh my!  I love all my projects....what's a gal to do?
 If you read my last blog posting, I also have bunnies coming to sew.  Well, just one actually but you know what they say about bunnies.  I know there will be way more than one bunny in my future!  
I also finished my cross stitch and washed it to dissolve the waste canvas and it is hanging to dry before I sew it up into a little purse.
I've been doing a little Spring Cleaning.  Cleaning my house is a little like going on an archaeological never know what you might "unearth"! LOL! In this case it was my first knitting project which never got finished! It was a Lion Brand kit for a scarf.
Another project that's not on my YOP list.  I think I'll unravel and save it for another day as I don't think it would match my knitting.  I'm hoping I'm a better knitter now.
 By next week I am sure to have several of the above projects wrapped up and onto a few new ones that ARE on my YOP list!  Wishing you a wonderful day and week ahead!


  1. Cute socks! I ALWAYS have at least one pair on the needles. I also love your blackberry salad - it's such a great looking pattern!

  2. have tons of projects going on right now!

  3. Gorgeous colours in that blanket :)

    I have been knitting all my life and still can't get on properly unless I turn the television off. BBC Radio 4, that's what I knit along too :)

  4. Love the socks and I've been meaning to start some in a plain colour as all my ones have been patterned yarn lol. I love how you have different projects on the go, thats what I do as different projects suit different times of day for me and what available time I have lol. The Daffodils are peeking out here to in Ireland, I love seeing their bright yellow heads.

  5. I really like that Blackberry salad blanket. Did you post a link to the pattern? Or is it in a book of yours. I really do like it.

  6. You certainly are staying busy over there. I'm still playing catch up after our trip to Sri Lanka. Looks like you have mastered knitting socks. I've not been able to crochet at all lately. Hope to get back into the swing of things by the weekend. Have a great week. Tammy

  7. Luv the 'Blackberry Salad' afghan... luv the colors!

  8. So admire your knitting and crochet projects. I tried to learn both and just couldn't do it.
    The greenery with berries is Nandina or Heavenly Bamboo. I have it in my yard. Always pretty.

  9. You've been busy! I'm about to cast on my 2nd pair of socks...I got a lot of inspiration to try my hand at it from you finishing your 1st and the NSSKAL gang..thanks for that (even tho you probably didn't notice!)..My rotties have not had allergy issues..however, my soul sister Wheezie (a vet) see's many (over breeding)..she uses a combination of diet, topical steroids (on the hot spots), and oral anti-histamines...I know it is very difficult to treat as there really isn't a cure..just treat the symptoms is all she can is very frustrating for all involved.. I do hope you guys can figure out a treatment that keeps her comfy..!

  10. oops..forgot to say but, that doesn't look like holly greenery...holly has very firm, pointed, waxy least the one's I have do!

  11. We aren't even close to daffodils here. Lots of snow. I did a little organizing of my craft supplis hoping to keep them in better order. Glad to see you are making good progress on our knitting.

  12. I am loving the colors in your blanket. So bright and spring like. It's making me want to make another one! :)

    You are really moving on all your projects and I feel like I'm going in slow motion. I'm back for visiting with my newest grandson so I'm hoping to get started and finish some of the projects I have lying around.

    Stay Warm!


  13. Holy Cow!!! I love that Lion Brand kit. That's how I learned to knit. That scarf is still totally worth making. It's still one of my favorites and I've been knitting since 2004.

  14. Busy busy busy! I agree with the socks, even though Vorticity are sending me postal with tedium I can't imagine not having a pair on the needles. I love your bobbly blanket, so spring-like and cheery\1

  15. I love the blackberry blanket, it's so bright and cheerful! And I frogged the first, half finished scarf I ever made, it doesn't seem to make any sense to start with a scarf, beginners never seem to finish them!


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