Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Rain on the way and larder full............

I went to Wally World today and though I didn't need much the girls needed food and supplies so while I was there I picked up these 2 magazines.....honestly I haven't bought any magazines for months but I needed a little pick me up so I splurged.  Seeing the waffles there reminds me of that recipe I made awhile back of the white chocolate blueberry waffles.....oh my!  It was Michael Wurmer's recipe and it's on Pinterest and also somewhere here in my archives.   Those were so good!  Maybe this Sunday I'll make myself some.  I want to get in the habit of making my own broth too and not buying the cans plus growing herbs indoors.

This is an Interweave Crochet magazine and I can't wait to get under the covers tonight with a hot spot of tea and browse through these magazines........heaven!  My reward for going to Wal-Mart, lugging all those groceries to the checkout, out to the car and then into the house! LOL!
 I also got this in the mail the other day.  I odered it from QVC as a TSV (Today's Special Value) and I have been wanting one for awhile now as I go through a lot of batteries around here and so I am hoping it will pay for itself in the long run.  I haved used it yet but I will give you a review when I have.
It's not very big either and comes in a range of colors....of course I ordered red....I think they even had purple if I recall.............I put the keenix box there so you could see the size of it.
I got these pillowcases on Ebay several years ago and I just love them.  They were never used and sold from an estate sale from what they said.  They were wrapped in tissue paper and tucked away in some house and probably made by the owner or received as a gift but they were definitely not something you see everyday.
The main design was done separately and then sewn on the pillow case.  The edging was crocheted directly on the edge after stitching a blanket stitch to crochet from.
The variegated colors of the basket don't match the edging but I love them...they are my favorite pillowcases.  Actually they're my only handmade ones but I am wanting to make my own.  Have any of you seen anything like this before or know of where I might find a pattern of crocheted appliques?  Also, do they even make the variegated threads anymore?
The actual case material is a very thick cotton weave ie; very good quality and they're big enough to use a queen size pillow which amazed me how big they were.  They didn't have queen size back then but I think our pillows were bigger then.....and now we pay more for smaller ones! LOL!  Look at the drop on it with my standard pillow inside.  Or could it be so you didn't rub your face on it?  They cost me $15.00 for the 2 but that was a bargain in my mind as they are such great quality and beautiful workmanship.
Well...I'm off to get my "jammies" on and "cuddle up in the blankies" as I used to say to my children when I put them to bed years and years ago.  Have a cozy and comfy evening my friends!


  1. That basket on the end of that pillowcase is gorgeous. Stay warm and cozy all tucked up.

  2. Love your basket pillow cases. I have never seen anything quite like that. My Mother would crochet a butterfly and then put it in the corner of a handkerchief. Cut away the fabric behind it and then crochet around the edge. We had butterfly handkerchiefs in every color of the rainbow, even variegated. My Mother always received the Workbasket magazine. That is the kind of patterns they always had. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Really pretty pillowcases and after shopping I'd say a treat was much deserved.

  4. Sue is having a giveaway of that crochet magazine since her cowl is on the front cover.


    Love those pillowcases. There was a blogger named Marilyn who made beautiful designs like that but sadly she decided to stop blogging.

    I have some pillowcases that my girlfriend's grandmother did when she was in her 90s -- a very pretty edging of white crochet on white pillocases. love them!

    Enjoy the magazines. Best wishes, Tammy

  5. I have to tell you,, I luv vtg. stitched pillowcases...even the cotton fabric feels softer then today's pillowcases... I scour Thrifts for them and use them in my camping trailers...just makes me feel a little more special! Yours turned out sooo cute!

  6. Beautiful old cotton pillowcases...nothing like them! I just might have some new ones....very old stuck away. Guess I need to think about doing them in the new year.

    Battery charger...very good idea, seems I use more and more all the time.

  7. Sounds like you are ready to dive into some new projects, and new recipes.
    A perfect way to spend a stormy, winter's afternoon :)

    Love the pillowcases.. they are quite pretty.
    Hope you are able to find some patterns.
    All my old pillowcases, are embroidered, and I snatch them up at thrift stores, or yard sales, etc..

    Take care of you, and the girls, and happy creating :)
    your friend, K.

  8. I am green with envy over those pillowcases! What a beautiful find and I agree, well worth the money. I love old linens and when I have a bit of extra money, look for some in the thrift shops, but have best luck in actual antique stores. I have a large collection of vintage handkerchiefs--maybe I will share them in a photo some day?! Hope you are staying cozy~~~

  9. Workbasket used to have lots of patterns..the pillowcases are beautiful! :)


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