Sunday, December 30, 2012

YOP Update

The Best Crocheted Potholder
Mama's Stitchery Projects

Granny Stripes

Neat Ripple Pattern

Rose Garden Tote
Stitch Nation by Debbie Stoller Website

Simple Cotton Bath Mat
Purl Bee

Soft Cotton Knit Dishtowels
Purl Bee

In progress
Learn to Knit Magic Loop Socks
v e r y p i n k

Below are the remaining project to be done (hopefully) before July 2013.  You can go to my projects page to see my finished projects and my queue to see the remaining projects on Ravelry.  My id on Ravelry is Saminar.  On Ravelry there are links to the patterns and more info.











Spud & Chloë — Patterns » Situpons NEW!

Almost done with my second sock.  I think I've found some other patterns for Magic Loop socks too so I can keep "practicing"! LOL!  Or I could try my hand at DPNs.  I'm getting really fast at knitting too but still don't watch t.v. unless it is straight knit stitch.  I could have finished them but I have been on another "mission" too since before Christmas.  I made a resolution that this would be my last Christmas in Arkansas and that next year I will be back in my hometown in Illinois.  Every day except weekends I spend time cleaning, clearing , organizing and packing to put my house on the market come this Spring thus less time spent on knitting or crocheting.  I did finally list my projects (above) and haven't picked the next one yet from my remaining list of 10 for this years YOP.  It might depend on money for the big blanket! Pricey even with less expensive yarn.  I'll see what I already have the yarn for.  So, you will be surprised to see something new next week....finally!  Thank you for your patience!  I hope you all had a great and safe Christmas and I wish you all a wonderful New Year!


  1. Wow, lady, you've been busy this year. You are going to love the Blackberry Salad blanket. I finally finished mine and sent it off to my daughter for Jellybean. Now just have to wait on Jellybean to get here!

    Good luck on your project of getting your house ready to sell. I hope you have great success and are soon back where you want to be.


  2. Your socks look great :) Once you get one pair of socks under your belt, you're ready for primetime.'

    DPNs are easy enough, it's just a bit of practice to get your tension even enough that you don't get ladders between the needles.

    Good luck getting your house ready. We're doing the same on a more relaxed schedule. We want to downsize in the next five years or so.

  3. Impressive number on your list with the words completed. WOW Congrats on doing your first socks also.

  4. Sounds like you are making things happens one way or another. Wishing you all the best for a wonderful new year. Tammy

  5. You have been busy! 6 completed projects already this year and your socks are so nearly there, well done. Can't wait to see what you decide to pick from your list.
    I hope your house sells quickly and you are indeed back in your hometown this time next year.
    We had a wonderful Chrismtas and Evelyn enjoyed all the attention. I have just cast on Hermione's socks so you'll get a glimpse of them next week, hoping I get back to them now as I'm caught up in some stitching. Fingerless mittens sure do seem impractical don't they lol and you made me smile as I'd say something similar but here in Ireland frostbite is not something we have to worry about, damp and cold and rain yes and we rarely hit below zero and when we do its not that further below zero lol. I find gloves get in my way and prefer the freedom of having my fingers out and up till now just didn't wear any and yesterday when out I had the best of both worlds lol.

  6. Good luck with the move! I think your approach is much saner than the one I took to my last move (wait until the last minute and then spend a month of sleepless nights packing). The socks look great! Best wishes for a wonderful 2013! Happy New Year.

  7. Ohh!!Such pretty projects--I really love the Rose Garden Tote--and the Blackberry Salad blanket is a gorgeous pattern--can't wait to see yours. I applaud you on your tenacity regarding the sock knitting--which is a goal of mine on my official list... but have you seen me start mine? Uh...nope! I am a little freaked out, because I am determined to do two at a time magic loop!
    I do so hope you get to move this year--I know it is has been a dream of yours and it sounds like you are taking action to fulfill that dream. Do you have family in Illinois?
    Happy New Years, Sam!

  8. Moving..a big goal for the new year.. Your list of finished projects reminded me that I wanted to do a cotton bathmat..also, the Blackberry Salad Blanket might...might be a bit above my crochet level..but I want to give it a try for my "big" project.

  9. Impressive finishes, and I love the socks, they're looking great. Moving house is a massive project, I hope you get back home soon :) And Happy New Year!

  10. Lots and lots of projects...isn't it nice to review it all?

  11. I love the layout (first time reading your blog, surprisingly!) - You have definitely been very busy this year! I'm in Illinois, if you are able to move, you'll have to tell me where you are and perhaps you can swing by our yarn group if you are close enough :)

  12. Socks are looking great. I love dpns, but I've never tried magic loop.


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