Thursday, April 19, 2012

Whoa Nellie did I ever have a great day and it's not over!

Great day, as in I made some real progress on all fronts!  I cleaned up the house (just daily  maintenance stuff) but then I made bread dough, mowed the lawn, cleaned off my desk....that was major.  I should have taken a "before" picture but I was too embarassed! LOL!  Let's just say I didn't need to dust the top of it because it had not seen "air" for awhile! Ha! Ha!  I also crocheted on breaks and made rhubarb coffee cake (recipe later and pics).  Ah....what a great feeling!  I'm trying to work outside for an hour a day at least and an hour inside on cleaning and clearing (NOT the daily maintenance stuff).  So, it probably doesn't look like much but trust me it WAS! 

Oh!  Look at new Mary Engelbreit mouse pad too....oh yeah!

I hope you had the exact kind of day you wanted too!


  1. Your mouse pad is so cute! My librarian friend Cathy would go bonkers over that! So glad you had a good day - you have so much energy!

  2. Dear Sam, Your desk view is very pretty with your new mouse pad. I like the flowers on the desk.. But I must say that I am curiously waiting your rhubarb coffee recipe Cause I like coffee so so much. Have a happy weekend...

  3. little message for your over at mine! fee x


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