Saturday, November 20, 2010

Look what Kim (alias Tabitha Lenox) sent me!!!!

I met Kim on Mary Jane's Farmgirl chatroom and she is a very talented multi-media artist....(little did I know!)  She's even been published....TWICE!!  Anyway...we got to chatting about how I love the art cards and tags that people make and swap but "I know nothing"...I've never even scrapbooked.  Although, I must admit I have bought some items to do it but really am not very creative unless there's directions! LOL!  Sort of defeats the purpose of creativity I guess.  Kim has faith in me though and despite it all she sent me these beautiful and inspiring gifts!  Now I have to do something with them....AHHHH!  Where do I start?  Look below.....

She sent me these inspiring and beautiful books and magazines that are a true testament to the talented people inhabiting our planet!  I am going to start small....playing cards or tags and I have a few ideas and lots of pictures and acrylic paints and I am SO EXCITED!!!!   Please check out her blog.  It is oh so wonderful and inspiring!  Thank you SO MUCH Kim and I hope I make you proud!  Her blog is's AWESOME!


  1. Well, browsing the talented and creative ladies in Blog Land will get you going. I have that stamp about art. And I love the saying behind it. A really good one too!

  2. Once you get started (and as I always say..."show no fear") you will have a blast...even a mistake is just another form of creativity....
    Send me your addy, I have some stuff to send to you to help 'fuel the fire' of creativity....
    crafty farm girl hugs


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