Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!!! I celebrate the WHOLE month of October........

I got these years ago and I have 2 trees in front and a ghost hanging from each one.  Those are tin cans at the bottom that clang when the wind blows.....ooooooowww......scary!

Okay...so it's daytime and you don't really get the whole effect but I could break my neck in that pumpkin patch if I go out at night!  Plus...it's scary out there....didn't you see those ghosts?

Here's the tiniest pumpkin.....

Here's the medium sized one...but get ready for.....(drum roll please)

THE GREAT PUMPKIN.....just what Charlie Brown has been waiting for!  But will it be ready by Halloween?  Stay tuned!

Here's my ceramic (so much easier to carve..let me tell you!) pumpkin with it's reflection in the window.  Told you it was scary!   Happy Halloween everyone!   Let the frightening begin!


  1. I'm so jealous of your growing that! I have got to remember next year to do this.

  2. I celebrate the whole month of October too!


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