Friday, April 24, 2009

Here's my butterfly block from my quilt class. I am "behind" and have to have 3 more blocks done by next Tuesday! Oi Vey! But I AM loving the class and there are 2 teachers and they are really great.


  1. Hi Sam,
    So glad you found a thrift store near you. They are so much fun, and it seems their is always at least one thing to bring home, usually more! Material and books are alwyas a good deal at the thrift.
    Look at how good you are doing with your quilting. You are really good at this, it must be so much fun to meet up with the girls and do this.
    Going outside now and work about. its in the 70's today and everything is waking up..
    Nancy Jo

  2. That Nancy Jo just gets us going, doesn't she? That quilt block is beautiful, I love the colors...


  3. Hi Sam - We got back from the retreat last night. We had a wonderful evening. Your butterfly block is great. Be sure to bring it with you Wednesday. Dian and I brought back a few projects to teach all of you.


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