Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's Spring in the Ozarks!

Yes...it's Spring here for sure! I hung 2 loads of clothes out and the wind is really whipping today and they dried in record time. The daffodils are blooming everywhere....they come up in the woods all around here too. The white blooming tree is in my side/front yard and is a Bradford Pear. It's about the only tree that didn't get damaged from the ice storm. So, for those farther North.....get ready! Spring is on it's way to you too!

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  1. Hi SaM,
    Wish I had some pretty flowers coming up. How pretty they look.
    I still have to do most of my playing in the house, but my turn will come. Good thing I have the thrift store to keep me sane.Or is that insane. Well which ever it is it works for me.
    Heading upstairs to do some SPRING cleaning. Giving lots of stuff to my friend Diane, anything I pack up she takes, if she doesn't want it she gives it someone else. Works for me, I don't have to haul it off anyplace.
    Hope all is well in your very busy world. You are always up to something.


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