YOP 2017 -2018

This is going to be a different format for me this year and I hope it helps me to stay focused and finish more projects.  The idea behind my plan is to be able to cover my wide and diverse scope of creative interests but also to finish items, learn new techniques and design my own unique creations.  I will list each category and there will be something to finish and then something to start instead of start to finish.  The reason being is that I have WIP's (works in progress) in almost every creative endeavor I have ever attempted.  In order to permit myself to start something new I have to finish something in that category.  There may be some blank areas simply because I haven't 'unearthed' that category from my plastic bin museum yet but when I do those blanks will get filled in.  So, here goes!

Project List for 2017 - 2018 Year of Projects:  (once I get the hang of my new system there will be start and finish dates, links to patterns when possible, material lists and names plus any equipment  used such as needles and sizes, but for now this is all I have for you....I apologize)

1.   Charitable Giving:
      finish: Mother Bear Project  bear

      Finished  Uriah's giraffe
2.   Wool Applique:
      finish: folk art quilt (yes, really...it's still not done!)
3.   Rug Hooking:
4.   Ornaments:
      Finished Knitted Star Ornament  

5.   Gifts:
      Finished  Grayson's giraffe

6.   Quilting:
      finish: Sampler Quilt (this is SO embarassing and now I can't even find it!)
      start: #1 quilt in Simply Charming book

7.   Embroidery:

8.   Cross Stitch:
      Finished The Frost is on the Pumpkin
 Next up: Acorn Fall picture when I can find it again....I just had it the other day!  This is what happens when I clean!
    start:  Alicia Paulson's Cpring cross  stitch when it arrives the end of March
9.   Sewing:
      finish: Happy Easter mini quilts (on hold now  until after Christmas)

      WIP (1 done):I Spy Quilts for Christmas (3)

10. Crochet:
      finish: Patriotic Flag pillow (this was for Memorial Day and now it is almost the 4th of July and I'm still not done!  Maybe I need a support group?)...finally found it again...........
11. Knitting:
 Finished Tweed sweater

12. Sock Knitting: (yes, these have to be a in a category all by themselves as I always have to be
                                knitting some socks!)
Christmas Eve Cast on socks -  WIP working on concurrently
Finished 2016 Christmas Eve cast on socks
***DONE*** Toe Up Socks by Very Pink (tutorial) made one sock and did not like the DK yarn OR the toe-up process at all - only one sock finished and they didn't fit  very well...maybe someday I'll do the other one just so I have another pair but no more 'toe-up' for me!

Finished:  WIP Patton Kroy Socks -
 13. Learning: (classes and techniques)
(beading, blocking, mattress stitch)
14. Design:I actually have an idea for a knitted item but not sure I would know how???
15. Utilizing books and magazines I already own....thank you to Ella for this great last minute idea!
      Yes, Ella, everyone here knows I am a shameless copycat of great ideas but I always give credit to
       the creator of the idea! LOL!

     I think that about wraps it up for now and although I have many more interests such as woodworking, decorating, painting and DIY.....I need to stop somewhere! LOL!  This will be my post for July 1, 2017 but it will also be a page on the right sidebar of my blog.  The post for today will remain the same but the page on my sidebar will get updated as the year progresses.
Happy Trails and Happy YOP 2017 - 2018!
P.S.  It is never too late or too early to join in this group......here's the link to the Ravelry group for Year of Projects 
Come on along...we'd love to have you! 

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