YOP 2012 - 2013

Year of Projects 2012 -2013 (sponsored by Ravelry via Come Blog Along group)

1.  Double Down Potholders
2.  Granny Stripe Table Runner
3.  Crocheted Rock Covers (2)
4.  Magic Loop Socks (2 pair)
5.  Cotton Bath Mat
6.  Dish Towels
7.  Pillowcase with Crocheted Edging
8.  Chair Pad

Works in Progress:
1.  Crocheted Rug
2.  Seeing Stars Blanket

Projects not started yet but on the list:
1.  Pinata Bag
2.  Crocheted Cherries
4.  Babette Blanket
5.  Crocheted Cowl
6.  Blackberry Salad Blanket

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  1. You have really gotten a lot of finishes in there and have only a few wip's on the go. I've been getting wip's out of the way this last week or so just so it doesn't look so bad lol. I hope some of the proposed projects will be going onto next years list as they look like fun.


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