YOP 2016-2017

 Finished Items:
 Crocheted Corner-to-Corner pet blanket (baby size)
 Knitted  Halloween Creepy Cloths  - Ghost cloth, Witch cloth, and Spider cloth 
 Crocheted Giant Granny Square Blanket
 Bob Ross Cross Stitch
 My first Socks
 Hermione's Everyday Socks 

old WIP - Maybelle Baby Blanket
 2.  Knitted Bee Blanket
new since YOP started
WIP 3. My Cozy Memory Blanket 
1.  Knitted Noro Scarf
WIP 2.  Crocheted Linen Stitch Scarf  

1. Knitted Ronbias Cowl
2. Knitted Causton Cowl  

Socks: 12 pair/year
WIP 3. Simple House Slippers

WIP 1. Giraffe for Grayson 
WIP2. A doll for me

1. Comfort Cardigan 
2. Ria Baby Vest 

1. Thanksgiving Washcloths 

1. Michelle's Mittens
2. Lenticular Mitts

1. Shirret Crochet Rug
2. Round Table and/or chair mats (these are potholders that I will just make bigger)

1.Hudson Hat

1. Little House Shawl
WIP 2. Multnomah

old WIP1. Painted Rose 

Other crafts:

1.  Make It Do

2.  Village

1.  Folk Art Quilt (WIP)

2.  Happy Home

Rug Hooking:
1. Sheep (needs repair)

2. Abby Rug

Cross Stitch:
1.Frost on the Pumpkin (WIP)

DONE 2.Bob Ross

1. House Blocks (WIP)

2. Sampler Quilt (WIP)

1. slumber beds

2. Dottie Angel tunic/smock

1.  Christmas Shadow Box

2.  Winter Village House
As I was "researching" for these project pictures, I came to the realization that I have more WIPs that are out there....oh boy!  So, in each category, as I finish a project, I will replace it with an old WIP if there is one unless there are pressing gifts that need to be made.  Also, I may alternate WIPs with a new project just to keep my creative juices flowing.  
One last area that I need to include are new skills and techniques that I want to learn.  Again, there will only be 2 at a time although there is much I need and want to learn.
Skills and techniques:
1. Fish Lips Kiss Heel
2. Tunisian Crochet   

Classes: (I already own)
1.  Craftsy - Continental Knitting
2.  Craftsy - Knitting Problems...not sure that's the name....it could be Understanding Your Knitting....anyway it is by Lucy Neatby
3. Craftsy - Hand Dyeing Your Own Yarn  

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