Thursday, January 10, 2019

Konmari Method Step #1

Okay, this is not a 1 day venture...just so you know.  It takes most couples 6-8 weeks and I am giving myself 3 months so I can hopefully put the house up for sale come Spring.  That being said.....actually the clothes will be one of the easier categories for me as I am not a clothes horse.  I  used to have nice clothes for my corporate job but that was years ago and when I was slim.  I was going to sell them to Thred Up but I've heard bad reviews so they will go to the local thrift stores.
You're supposed to take everything out of your closets and drawers and pile it on a bed (I used the guest bed as I wanted to be able to crawl into mine tonight.  I don't dress up at all...I don't go to weddings or funerals so I have no need for any 'nice' outfits or shoes BUT...I have a son who keeps talking like he might get married and I would hate to have to go out and buy everything new.  The clothes I'll get rid of as they don't fit anymore but the shoes.........ahhh....I did love a great pair of shoes!
Here' s the pile so far and I have not emptied the drawers yet.....

 Someone said to take pictures of those items you can't part with but that you will never wear again....I wish I would have known that sooner as the black cocktail dress that went with these shoes was a stunner!  Ahh....those were the days!
I think I got my love of shoes from my Aunt Alice.....she had a closet full and she would let my cousin and I play with all of them.......she had no children so she really spoiled us big time! 
These were the shoes I wore to my daughter's more heels for me after I got RA!
But the hat was killer............
I wore a beautiful hot pink silk Liz Claiborn outfit with flowery black organza blouse and hot pink silk jacket with matching skirt and there were slacks to match that I bought also but I wore the skirt, I think.....not sure as it was a long time ago! LOL!
But at least I have pictures now.  I'll keep the low heels in case there's another wedding and the hats.
But I got rid of a bag of shoes and purses.........there will be more as this is just the first's a start..........
I did not throw my ironed blouses on that pile...evidently I must be the only person on the planet who irons but I like cotton blouses and I like them ironed along with my's my closet after Day #1............I still have to go through those clothes on the bed tomorrow.
I ended up with all these containers.....they'll be going to the crafts room where they will get used for sure!
I did take breaks and worked on my son, Benjamin's Chicago Bear's hat to match his jacket.  I got the yarn from Knit Picks and it is so soft and new needles, wooden ones called Sun them too!   The pattern is called Bankhead and it's on Ravelry.  It's the first time I am using this pattern and so far so good!

I hope you had a productive and satisfying day.....I feel good about mine.
Happy Trails!!!


  1. Decluttering must be in the air. Hubby and I finished 2 of 4 bedrooms and out coat closet today. Feels good doesn't it. Three 33 gallon bags filled with coats and 'stuff' today. Donating ours too. We aren't planning on moving though. Hopefully you will get yours done in 3 months so you can sell and move to the frozen tundra.

  2. Those heels are pretty! I've never worn heels (nothing over 2 inches and no skinny heels). And wouldn't you know it... I developed metatarsalgia a few years ago. I look forward to seeing all your Konmari posts, and being inspired by what you get rid of. Looks like I need to check out Marsha's blog too! :)

  3. We are on the same wave length, I just watched two episodes on TV of the beautiful young lady who helps people use the konmari method. That outfit you describe with the hot pink sounds gorgeous.

  4. Good luck with your three month goal. I started doing some organizing and am happy about the small bits I did but it all takes so much time. I went through my clothes many times last year and got rid of so much but definitely could do it many more times as there is so much I just don't wear. I stopped wearing heels long ago. I'm all about comfort now.

  5. I like that yarn a lot and I think your needles are very similar to the harmony interchangable needles I bought from Knit Picks many years ago. I love them so much I bought a mandy a set for Christmas the next year!
    I had wanted to start decluttering the guestroom closet today but wasn’t feeling well so hopefully will do that tomorrow. You inspire me. Blessings, Betsy

  6. You're not the last person on earth who irons. I do so because don't want to look wrinkled and rumpled even in work clothes at home. (Do I need counseling?)

    I've started going through old papers and files and dumping ruthlessly. But as for the clothes thing . . . arrgh. That's a hard one for me. 99% of the time I'm in either nice homesteading clothes (for going to town, etc.) or not-so-nice ones for work. So why do I hang on to all the rest of the clothes I no longer wear? I'm sure it has something to do with what you said. If I have to go to a "formal" occasion, I sure don't want to have to go out and purchase something to wear!

  7. Oh my goodness, I need to de-clutter! You've done a fantastic job, I'm impressed! I love high heels...ahem, I use to love them! I don't wear anymore. I do have a closet filled with clothes that are all sizes, you know, I never have to worry about not finding something to fit. Seriously, I must get in that closet and get rid of things. You've inspired me! Thank you!


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