Sunday, July 8, 2018

YOP Week #2

It's the 2nd week already?  I didn't get much done craft wise but I have a FINISH!  Ta Da!  I finished my Hitch Hiker shawl which was a 'for me' project.  I love it!  I loved working on it, I loved the Mandala yarn and I know I will enjoy wearing it this winter.  I'm giving  up turtlenecks for shawls worn around the neck and cowls.
I also got some work done on The Pickle Dish.............

There is one more round of hexies in a different fabric to complete one 'pickle dish'........4 for the middle, 12 for the next round and 20 for the last round.  There will be 11 complete dishes and 2 half lengthwise dishes, 6 halves widthwise and 4 quarter dishes.  That doesn't count the joining/path hexies.  But it is amazing how quickly it goes really.  I'm already 'getting in the groove' of it and having a little routine.  Today I'll cut the squares for the 20 in the last row.  It's such a great project to work on anytime anywhere.   Portable too!
One thing I omitted last week was my Sewing School book by Shea Henderson......
The first project in this is...........the speedy pillowcase......we'll see how 'speedy' I am. LOL!

I had a few interruptions to my plans this week.  The 'boys' stopped by to give me an estimate on the drywall for the porch and the ramp for Nitty.  Then I wanted to quilt on the grands I Spy quilts and get them done but I couldn't find them!  When I heard they were coming I hid all their birthday stuff so well that I can't find them either!  I did finally find their 'retail' presents so I can mail them but I still can't find the quilts!  Ahhh.....adventures in aging!
So, I'm not off to a great start but here are my goals for this week...hopefully!
1) find I Spy quilts
2) find needles and cast on socks
3) cut material for next round of hexies
4) wash and iron fabric for Sewing School Project #1
5) trace pattern for PINS embroidery
6) find Folk Art Quilt
7) order soles for slippers (just mine to see how they work)
8) finish July 4th x-stitch into a pillow
9) cut binding for sampler quilt
That should keep me off the streets and out of trouble!  I am spending one day in Mountain Home for a doctor appointment and I will stop at Hobby Lobby and get some more of that cotton yarn to finish up those dishcloths.
I hope you have a great week ahead and enjoy this day of RnR!
Happy Trails!!!  



  1. Uh-oh! I hate it when I put things away and then can't for the life of me find them. Hope you figure out where those quilts are so you can start checking off that list. :)

  2. I hope you find your hidden things. Like your very own game of hide and seek. I love your hitchhiker - well done.

  3. I hope you find your quilts soon, I hate it when that happens! But your hitchhiker!! It uses gorgeous, I bet you get loads of wear from that.

  4. Wow, sounds like you have a busy week ahead. And good luck with finding your hidden things. They can't be that far off, can they?

  5. Your Hitchhiker Shawl is beautiful! The colours are gorgeous. Well done!!

    I hope the quilts turn up soon.!i am constantly putting things away in “safe” places only to spend days looking for them later! Adventures in aging indeed!

  6. Your Hitchhiker is GORGEOUS!!!!
    That is my favorite sewing book! I plan on making a few more drawstring bags to hold my knitting.
    Ali@ SimplySummerStreet

  7. Love you shawl! Hope you have a good week and can get some of your projects finished! I should make a list...but it would be too long...mow mow and mow again seems like all I get is raining now so it will grow some more:)

  8. Oh man... I hear you about hiding presents so well I forget where they are. There have been several Christmases recently where after all the presents were unwrapped, I exclaimed, "Wait! Where's the (mumble under my breath)? Hold on! There's one more. I've just got to remember where I put it!!!" It's gotten to where I start anticipating what I forgot the moment the gifts start being unwrapped.

    I love your Hitchiker Shawl. May you have many warm winter days with your neck wrapped in yarny goodness.

  9. Love your Hitchiker Shawl, it looks nicely snuggly. Good luck with all those plans for this week and good luck finding your quilts-in-hiding.

  10. Love your hitchiker shawl. Hope you find your quilts, I do that sot of thing regularly!

  11. Your Hitch hiker shawl is so pretty. I really like the way the colors worked up.

    The pickle dish quilt is very nice. Even better that it is portable.

    I really like the idea of doing a weekly goal list. Does it help you stay on track?

  12. You always have lots of projects to keep you busy. I would like to learn to make a proper pillowcase! Maybe I could google it! Enjoy your week and have some fun along the way! Hugs!

  13. I'm so jealous of your hitchhiker. It's been on my wish list for a while!
    I've put a project away and then lost track of it, and when it's found it's like a treasure and I enjoy working on it even more.
    Those itty bitty hexi's are too cute. I can't imagine cutting them all out much less sewing them all back together. It bet it is rewarding since they come together fairly quickly too.

  14. Yeah on the Hitchhiker finish!!! Yes I wear shawls/scarves more now...My classroom is like a sauna, so I need to dress in layers....the Pickle Dish is interesting...

  15. Hope you find all your hidden things!!

    The shawl is gorgeous, and I imagine it's very wearable and will go with lots of things too!

  16. Beautiful hitchhikers shawl! I love to have a variety of shawls to wear around my neck in the winter too. I’ve never been a fan of turtlenecks because they make me feel a bit claustrophobic. So I’m not the only one that puts things away and then can’t remember where I put them? :-) I hope you find the quilts very soon because I know just how frustrating that is. Many blessings, Betsy


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