Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Crazy Monday yesterday!

Sunday...yes, even on Mother's Day, I had to wash up my produce and I had a lot of it!  I wash everything when I get back from grocery shopping (usually) so it is ready to go when I want to use it except for berries.  I don't use any fancy 'wash' that they now sell just my regular Dawn.......
I wash the potatoes last as they are  usually the dirtiest............I  use an old vegetable brush that my Mother had.....it must be at least 60 years old as I remember it as a child............I scrub all the potatoes whether I'm going to peel them or not...........
 then a rinse and they are laid out on an old towel to dry............
this is the water after I washed everything............pretty dirty!!!
Yesterday, a crane showed up at my neighbors early to unload roof shingles onto her roof.....the dogs were pretty upset about it! LOL!  Then the roofer came and started in, then my roofers called and said they were on their way over.........so much for my  plans!  They had to go in the attic/crawlspace and what a mess when they came down, from all the insulation.  Then they went on the porch and tore down some drywall and hopefully after all that mess they have found the problem.  I am grateful for them though and their persistence!  But today I need to do some serious vacuuming!
I did manage to make some bread though!  I used Apples for Jam's Milk Bread Recipe which turned out fantastic!  Best looking and tasting bread ever!  I love my rustic bread but it is pretty hard to chew and bite and I think I need to be considerate of my teeth and jaw at my age!  So this will be my new bread recipe.  Next, I'll try some wheat and so many more bread recipes!  This is definitely a keeper!
 Mother's Day I did not get my chicken roasted....I just ran out of time and energy so I had a bowl of organic minestrone soup with my pie for dessert.  I got the chicken roasted yesterday (another recipe from Apples for Jam) and it was scrumptious....even better than Ina Garten and her recipes are usually top notch but Tessa's recipe beat her out! LOL!  It's not a great picture but the flavors were delicious and the chicken was tender and moist.....another favorite!  At this point, I would highly recommend her cookbook!  I'll be cooking more from her book this week.  I got my copy on Thrift Books for about $3.59?  Plus, free shipping if you order 4 and there was a coupon code for May with a discount.  How can you go wrong?  
 I'm now on row 29 of 134 of my Hotel of Bees Shawl.  I watched Inside Number 23 in the evening and checked IG for Joyce of Ruby Moss Cottage.....love that gal and want to do everything she makes!  Check out her podcast...she's a hoot and a darn good knitter and gardener!
I'm off to do some laundry, weeding, landscaping and so much more!  Have a great day!
Happy Trails!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

YOP Week #47

Happy Mother's Day to all who mother in whatever way they can! It is Mother's Day here in the U.S but I know some of you celebrate a different date...no matter.....Mothers are great all over the world and deserve far more credit than they get and equal pay too!  I cannot let this day go by without giving credit to so many women in my life who have contributed to the person I am today......just the good parts.....the bad parts I take full responsibility for!  LOL!  They are all gone from this earth now and I miss them very much.....here are just a few.......
My Mother is the one with her arms crossed, my Aunt Bernice is in the middle and my Aunt Alice is on the right.  My grandmother and grandfather are in the left picture on the right side of it.  I never knew them as they had died by the time I was born.  My Aunt Edna is not in the picture but she was another great lady to have a big influence on me.  They were great women and I miss them all!
Now, (sniffle, sniffle), on to the YOP news of the day!
(Drum Roll)......my cursed Hermione's Everyday Socks are done!  Ta Da!!!!!!  I'll be entering them in Inside #23's Harry Potter KAL.  Does it matter that I have been working on them for 4 1/2 months?  I'll have to check the rules....maybe you have to start and  finish within the month.  Regardless, they are done and they do qualify for my Box of Socks.....only 11 more pair to go before 12/31! LOL!
 I am trying to be somewhat monogamous in my handwork now to try and get some finishes although with outside work now my time is limited.   I started back on my Hotel of Bees shawl..............it's terribly small but we shall see.........the project keeper is what I have done today
The little white arrow looking things are the bee's wings..............the next golden rows are the honeycomb........

and see those 2 little holes below?  Those are the bee's wings also and you can see the puff stitch below that is the bee's lower body.  The next row will be the top of the bee's body.  How she ever designed this shawl is beyond me!  What talent!
To top off my Mother's Day I finally got my lemon meringue pie made!  My Aunt Bernice used to make this for me every time I came for the summer as she knew it was my favorite.....I wish she could be here to share it with me........or you guys!
I hope you all had a great day and I wish you a great week ahead!
Happy Trails!