Saturday, March 25, 2017

Craft weekend is here!!!!

Well, in my book 'crafting' is a huge topic and entails multiple of them being making funnel cakes!  Yes, it should have been Funnel Cake Friday but it just didn't happen so it has spilled over into my Craft Weekend.  I have not had a funnel cake for years and I'm meaning a decade at least if not 2, so it was time.
I happened to spot this little box in the grocery store when my sweet tooth was giving me fits so I succumbed........
 If you know me well, you would know that everything I undertake ends up to be a BIG project and this was no exception.......... as I stated this was on the list for Friday...don't ask me where Friday went but it did so then there's today.  The directions said to use a thermometer and get the oil up to 375 degrees...I don't have a thermometer for sticking in hot oil so I went about Googling the information which took about 1 hour as one of the places I looked locked up my computer and I had to then I ran the cleaner on my computer while I was at it and that took another 10 minutes so finally I figure from all the info I gathered that probably medium high would be good so #7 on my burner dial.  I get my pan out and pour in what they say should be about 3/4 inch of oil......I have about 1/4 inch.................soooooooooooooooo.....I have to go to the store and get oil which I do...about another 20 minutes or so.  It takes about 30 minutes for the oil to heat up......I use the wooden spoon tip where you put the end of a wooden spoon in the hot oil and it is ready when you see bubbles coming up from the end of the spoon.....FINALLY......I'm ready......I use the funnel and dribble the batter into the hot looks more like an umbilical cord than a funnel cake.....but I persist.......
 You have to flip it over when it starts browning on the edges and I finally have 1 funnel cake.....if that's what you want to call it....
I quickly covered it in powdered sugar and ate it to destroy the evidence! 
It got better after that and by the time I was out of batter I was finally getting the hang of it!
My best one yet and now I have a mountain of funnel cakes that I hope I don't pig out on and make myself sick! LOL! 
I did manage to iron some fabric and spend a good portion of my morning trying to 'straighten the grain' which of course meant more Googling and You Tube videos and then basket lining videos and more measuring of my basket......well, you get the drift.  There's still tomorrow though where I might actually be able to create something more than funnel cakes which will probably be gone by tomorrow night! LOL!
I hope you had a great Saturday!  Happy Trails!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Thirsty Thursday!

Have I mentioned being interested in Kombucha and making my own?  I first heard about it on Hue Loco's podcast as she makes her own.  She said it is delicious and very good for you and very inexpensive to make.  Well, it just so happened that the next time I went to Wally World there was some Kombucha in their Natural Drink refrigerator section in the produce department!  Who knew?  So, I bought one bottle to see if I would like it and boy do I!!!  One is Gingerade and the other is Gingerberry......yummy!
These are 16.2 ounce bottles which is still expensive at $3.12 a bottle but I did buy some more.  I will have to make my own if I want to keep drinking it! LOL!  It is organic and contains electrolytes, polyphenols, enzymes and probiotics.  The ingredients are as follows: "organic raw kombucha, fresh pressed ginger and 100% pure love!"
They do have a disclaimer: "Please note: Kombucha is a fermented tea that has naturally occurring  alcohol.  Do not consume if you are avoiding alcohol due to pregnancy, allergies, sensitivities, or religious beliefs."
What is really funny is I was reading my Taproot magazine last night and they had an article about it, how to make it and a resource list of suppliers for all you need to make your own.  Coincidence?  I don't think so!  I will definitely be getting on board with this health initiative!
There is lots of information about it on the internet and Pinterest has many recipes and articles on how to start your own "starter".  I may be buying it for awhile though as it takes over a month to get your first batch.  It is going to be so refreshing this summer!  Plus, since I had to stop eating yogurt (doc said to cut out all milk products for cholesterol) I will now be able to get my probiotics this way!
Do any of you drink this?  Do you make your own?  If you do I want to hear all about it and recipes too!
Happy Trails!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Therapeutic Tuesday........

I had a few...okay, one major disappointment this week concerning a house up North and my house here but we won't go into usual, I got the cart in front of the horse but I know what I need to do now so I am still moving forward and making progress.  But in between cleaning, clearing out and updating my blog for Spring......I perused some new blogs which led me to more new blogs and soon I found a beautiful new project which I need like a hole in the head and which I may not do but thought I would share it with you.  Oh, and just in case, I printed it I wouldn't forget about it.
Isn't it beautiful?  It reminds me of old European tole painting or rosemaling?  Folk art inspired.  If you go to Scheepjes website or Haakmaaraak on my sidebar under crochet blogs you will see all types of variations of this shawl and they are all gorgeous.  Evidently there were kits you could order but this is already Week #5 of 14 so the kits are gone.  But I like to use what I have anyway and this shawl looks like you could do just that.  I  have no idea if this is difficult or not.  But I sure love it!
This is a CAL sponsored by Scheepjes and they also have all the ones from years past.  I think I'll read over the directions tonight....
you know....just to get a feel for it.....heaven knows I couldn't possible start another project!  I mean really!  Could I?
Happy Trails!

Monday, March 20, 2017

It's Monday! What are you reading, watching, and/or listening to?

I am off to a great start this week and definitely wanted to share some treasures with you!  First off....I finished this book.............very well written and not difficult to read or get through at all but there was no plot and no point that I could discern.  It was a double-whammy no-no in my book as it was a Pulitzer Prizewinner AND Oprah liked it............that is the death knell for any book I want to must have been when they had a library sale and the cover looked good....I'm sure I have a few more around this house and if they are here they will get read.....I cannot seem to let go of a book unless it is read! LOL!  This one will go in the Spring Garage Sale!  Basically it tells the sad tales of people in a community with all their faults and depressing thoughts.....right up Oprah's alley.....she loves tales of woe.....not me.....there's enough real woe in the world to satisfy me without looking for it in books, or movies for that matter. 
Currently I am reading............this fiction on my Kindle.....the 2nd book in the Inspector Gamache series which is SO GOOD!  I highly recommend these books!  They are cozy mysteries for sure!

 This is my non-fiction on my Kindle which I really bought for my son but decided until he arrives I will read it myself.....I am on chapter 3 and it is very good.....more about the new economy of entrepreneurs that have sprung up since the business plans just action plans!
 This is my real paper book in non-fiction and it is excellent!  Funny, sad, creative and unbelievably interesting!
The magazine I am reading I have wanted to try for ages and I finally ordered one....they're not cheap but there are no ads and it is everything I thought it would be and good!  It states it is  "the magazine for makers, doers and dreamers" and they are right.  A little sample of what this particular issue holds is: fermentation recipes, coloring pages, food myths, knitting and crochet patterns, pan flutes and book reviews...........awesome!  These are "keeping" magazines whose information and articles never go out of style or applicability.  I'm thinking I may subscribe to this one......and you can order back issues.....oh yes!
On the horizon are the following Thrift Books that arrived this month..........I have wanted to read this one for quite a while and it is fitting that it arrived on St. Patrick's Day!  It was meant to be!
I also got the 2nd book in the Gary Paulsen, Brian/Hatchet series which is YA and I love!
And to try and help my poor knitting'm thinking if I rub elbows with enough European knitters something good is bound to rub off.......these people invented it and are born  knowing how to knit......I am just sure of it!
I have been listening to Pastor Rick's Daily Hope podcast, watching my usual news and podcasts on You Tube and for evening crocheting I have been watching Hart of Dixie which is a ditzy, cute, Southern comedy/drama/romance that takes place in a small town called Bluebell in the deep South like Alabama or Louisiana.....I can't remember which.  I really miss When Calls The Heart though.
There are some movies I want to watch but they require more attention than Hart of Dixie! LOL!
 So, that's all for this week but it should certainly keep me off the streets and out of trouble!  I hope!
Happy Trails!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

YOP Week #38

 Well, on the plus side I have an FO but on the minus side I have found more projects!!!!  Oh yes, I have gone down so many rabbit holes this week it's not funny but I am happy to say there is progress on all fronts even cleaning, clearing and moving!  So, without further is my YOP update!
Let's start with the FO which took me longer than I thought but I am pleased with the result and so glad to get back in the sewing first project bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I even made the little tab on the side and attached an angel wing for a zipper pull.  This was made from old pajama fabric and I only had to buy a zipper which I had to buy one 2  inches too big as they didn't have the size I needed but I made it work!  It has interfacing which gives it body and it has a flat bottom so it can stand on it's own.  It is a perfect project bag for socks so I will be making more!
 The Honey Bunny project is coming along but I doubt if 3 will be made by and my grandiose ideas!  It is a small hook (D), sport weight wool yarn and it is tedious and I have to count every row...but I enjoy it without the deadline..........did I mention I hate deadlines?  I just changed colors which is actually the beginning of the striped body.  I have a cushion on my crochet hook but it is my left hand that gets cramped from holding the project and yarn not my hooking hand.  I can only work on it so long before my left hand starts cramping up.  The fabric in the background is my new Anne of Green Gables fabric which I will be washing right after this post.  I realized as a liner for my basket it should be washed and 'shrunk' which is not something I do with my quilting fabrics.  For quilting I like the shrinkage to take place after the quilt is done so I get that wonderful quilty puckering that I love!
 Therefore these luscious fabrics will not be prewashed and I can get right to cutting them this afternoon!  These are for my QAL (quilt along) with Jaclyn over at the Brooklyn Knitfolk podcast (on You Tube) and group over on Ravelry.  Feel free to join in!  It's actually for people who have never quilted before.
The Beatrix Potter blanket from Alicia Paulson blog (on my side bar as Posie Gets Cozy) is coming along wonderfully  and is such a comfort to pick up in the evening and just mindlessly crochet and watch whatever..........I have an order for more Stylecraft yarn at Deramores but they are coming out with 3 new vintage muted colors on April 7th so I want to wait until then to order and hopefully get the new colors along with some I need for finishing my Maybelle blanket....remember that one?
Plus, yarns for this...........yes, a crocheted sweater!  Isn't it darling?  It's a granny what could be more perfect for me?  You could make it striped or solid or with some variegated yarns...I am SO excited!!!!  This inspiration and enabling came from My Rose Valley who is on my sidebar  under Crochet Blogs.  The pattern is from Simply Crochet magazine but you can purchase just the sweater pattern on Ravelry.  I will make mine longer and with 3/4 sleeves.....oh yeah...I've never made a sweater but I'm going to customize it.....this oughta be good! LOL!

 Also..........I saw this cross stitch sampler (and yes there are 3 more for Spring, Summer, and Autumn and they are not small) quite a while ago and just have not been able to get it out of my mind........I love them all and they are all in the same style as this one.  I'm not sure I will live long enough to get them all done but I'll never know unless I try! LOL!  What I like is that the site that sells these sells the fabric used and lists the DMC colors needed so I can check it against what I already have and just order the ones I don't have...brilliant!  It's from Everything Cross Stitch  just search for Winter Sampler or Summer, Spring, Autumn and you should find them all.

As for acquisitions this week...there was the following.........all books..........I showed this one earlier this week but for those of you who only stop by on Sunday's for YOP I thought I would show it again.  Doilies were on my list for this year so I had better get a move on!  These are great patterns and all different sizes and yarns or threads.  Maybe I'll have something to show you next week?
I also got this reference book from Thrift Books for about $3.00 when it was originally about $25.00!  Like with cars, it doesn't pay to buy new! LOL!  I have always loved the Reader's Digest books.
As for new websites, blogs, or podcasts.....I have been watching Debbie Shore You Tube sewing videos, Cherry Heart and Betsy Makes podcasts along with my regulars which are Inside #23, Brooklyn Knitfolk, Stitching the High Notes and Hue Loco.  I also found some new blogs you might be interested in:
Little Conkers
Michele Made Me
My Sister's Knitter
Second and Edgemont
The Craft Sessions
Well, I better get going and enjoy the rest of my crafty 'making' Sunday!
Happy Trails!