Saturday, February 18, 2017

Crazytime U.S.A.

No, I'm  not talking politics although that is a whole other bag! LOL!  No, it's just been crazy in my life right now and remember my word this year?  FOCUS.....well let me tell you.....I am being severely tested on it!  But aside from that I am still luckier than at least 2/3 or more people in the world so I will keep my mouth shut which, if you know me, that is not easy! LOL! 
But Spring is in the Ozarks!  My workload has once again doubled with outside and inside.  I am hanging clothes outside wonderful!  There are the Spring rains but mostly at night.
The daffodils are blooming and all is right with the world...well, my little world anyway as long as I keep to myself, stay away from Face Book and the television and don't answer the phone! LOL!
 I have actually gotten quite a bit done this week considering and I had a couple days where I had boundless energy which really helped.  I've scrubbed and vacuumed and gone through gobs of paperwork and gotten some handwork done (tomorrow's YOP blog post will show it).  I'm wanting to do so much more but I do run out of steam.  Today, I wanted to sew but alas, that did not happen.  I did get chicken and noodles in the crock pot for dinner and I ran up to the local stores for some items and then the usual daily chores but that's all.  Where does the time go?  There were some phone calls from family and now that the weather is nice the girls are like and out, in and I know why  people get pet doors!  They went to the vet this week for rabies shots and Annie (the miniature dachschund) is scheduled for dental surgery on Tuesday.   She will have some teeth pulled....they are getting old like me.
I think I caught up with every one's blogs today and I apologize for being 'gone' from blogland but my son's illness and issues are a logistic nightmare right now but thankfully he is being helped by many in one way or another and we will see this through together.  He's doing well and staying at my daughters until his appointments (multiple issues and multiple doctors) are all done and then he might be coming to stay with me until he gets on his feet.  My daughter has Spring Break and may bring him down then when she comes if all works out alright...thus the 'logistic nightmare' part. 
So, that's all the news that's fit to print and I hope you are all enjoying this early Spring! 
Happy Trails!


Sunday, February 12, 2017

YOP Week #33

Not much progress this week on the handwork front but a little...........I finally finished both cuffs of the Hermione's Everyday sock...I have no idea why I've had so much trouble with these...I'm thinking maybe my mind is just not on socks these days............... 
I also made a couple progress keepers....this was a stitch marker I got but I made it into a progress keeper...........
and then this one..... as Mary Engelbreit says, I am "the Queen of Everything" and my daughter is "the Princess of All Things"..........
I did finish the first of 5 blocks for my daughter's Frida Kahlo basket for her birthday in July.....I still have ends to weave in and it definitely needs to be blocked!  Not a very good picture either.
No giraffe work this week but I did start taking a Craftsy class........Fearless Knitting by Lucy Neatby.....I think I need a class after all the troubles I had with those sock cuffs.....because I still don't understand what went is not great yarn for sure but can you really blame the yarn?  I think maybe it's time to learn a bit more and understand the process.  I hope this class helps me understand what I am doing and especially when I do it WRONG! LOL!
I hope you had and will have a wonderful week!
Happy Trails!