Sunday, July 24, 2016

YOP Week #4

 Well, things have slowed to a halt on my Giant Granny.  I have to order more yarn....oh, darn! LOL!
So, the last yarn order brought me the cream color I needed to finish my Maybelle Flower Baby blanket.  I've been doing about 2 per night....but my nights are starting later and later as the clock ticks faster to my family arriving.
I only have 7 left and then they will get joined by Join As You Go method in the same cream color.  There might be a border too but I can't remember now.  These are fun to work on.
As for sock knitting.....I have a was not the Phildar 50 Folk yarn....I think the yarn was just "tired" from me casting on so many times.  Granted, it is not an expensive yarn but like wine, you can find some good ones that don't cost a fortune.  This one seems to be just that! 
Is that all you've done you ask?
Well, no, as a matter of fact..........
I am following what I first heard on a  Little Bobbin's podcast and I am working both socks concurrently on different needles.  I divide it up just like the sock steps are divided.  I did both cuffs and now I'm working the leg on sock #1 and when that is done (a total of 5 repeats of a 12 step pattern and I am on the 5th repeat now) then I will start knitting on the leg of sock #2.  I like this method so far and it's so easy to just continue what you were doing with the 1st sock and then go on to the 2nd sock.  Plus, when you're done you have a pair without that 6 month vacation between them.  Oh, I'm sorry, is that just me?  So yes, to the Phildar 50 Folk yarn as I am having no more problems with it and it is amazingly soft considering it is such a reasonably priced yarn and I imagine it will be even softer after washing.  The pattern is Sandra Paul's (Cherry Heart on my side bar) and is the first patterned sock I've done and I am loving it!
The only acquisition I made this week was a new sock pattern that is out by Susan B. Anderson.  My picture does not do them justice as I took a picture of the pattern in the plastic sleeve in my notebook.  She used Must Stash yarn in a gorgeous colorway (please visit her website to get the really nice view of them.  She is also on my sidebar) and the pattern in on sale until tomorrow, I think.  This will definitely be one of my Box of Socks (12 pair...I'd better get going) for this year.
I'm not sure how much or how often I will be blogging this next month but I will try!  I especially hate missing YOP Sunday! 
This will not be a restful Sunday but I do knit when I take breaks which the older I get the more breaks I take! LOL!  There's washing, ironing, making up the beds for company and there's a meal to cook and cleaning galore!  Have a great week!  I'll be by later to catch up with you.
Happy Trails!!!
P.S.  I will be ordering some yarn today and it may involve yarn for a's on my list!