Monday, July 11, 2016

It's Monday...what are you reading?

I finished this book and as always James Van Praagh is sensitive, insightful and full of wisdom and spiritual goodness.  I always feel so good after reading his books.

I also finished A Man Called Ove which had been recommended to me and it did not disappoint.  It started out slow and I wasn't sure but as each chapter evolved so did Ove's story and it was a good one!  Connie, my friend in Minnesota...I think you would like this one and Far Guy too!  Maybe you could take turns reading it aloud to each's funny too!
   I finished this old magazines are old like!
Saturday I went to the library and I was so proud of myself getting both books read in the 2 week time span until the librarian told me I owed $1.00 as they were due last Saturday!   Where does the time go?  I could have sworn I had just taken them out but alas, I paid up and was no longer so proud of myself.  I did get some more books though and this time I put the slip on the frig so I won't be late.
You can renew over the phone which is nice if I could only remember when to renew!
My audio book is still this one but it is funny and I am getting used to the English accent.
My non-fiction is a library is very interesting so far and goes back to my history of the 60's and beyond as women ( I always knew this) began to realize that marriage wasn't for every female and that was not how all women became "fulfilled".  I probably should have never married as I was "too independent" as some would say but my theory is everyone needs to be able to stand on their own 2 feet...married or not, male or female!  I am not fond of women who are needy or dependent or manipulate men to get what they want.  It's really embarassing to me as a woman.  But then not a lot of men liked my free spirited wisdom either except younger men.  Anyway, I digress, but this book is very well written and I am enjoying reading about that period up to the present by a young and intelligent journalist.  I'm so proud that I stood up back then so these women could move forward.  Oh, did I forget to tell you I was a not so popular feminist.....and will be until the day I die!  I have always been for the underdog, regardless and there are so many across our world today.
For my non-fiction I am reading my wonderful 4th book in the Maisie Dobbs series...another independent woman...I'm seeing a pattern here! LOL!  I love this series and the time period of shorlty after the first World War.  It takes place in England a very favorite setting.  If you haven't read her yet you really should.....her books are extremely well written and not your usual mysteries.
My magazine is Mental Floss which my daughter got me a copy of for Mother's Day as it featured female heroines.  I am enjoying it and I may want more of this magazine as it does keep one's brain "engaged".  In my generation there was no such thing as "Women's Studies" even when I went to college and there were few females in the history books back then...Clara Barton and Madame Curie were about all I remember.  But there were loads of unbelievable women in all fields.....not as many but they were there!  Of course, most never got credit and they were certainly not entered into history but now they are coming out of the wood work!
Some other books I got at the library were next fiction........
Another non-fiction that may give me a leg up into selling my house....or not.......

The library also has an area with books for sale; paperbacks are .50 and hardcovers $1.00.  I got this book as I think I've read all of Nicholas Evans...the man who wrote The Horse Whisperer which of course I loved being a huge horse person.  I still have the book in hardcover and per usual it was much better than the movie.
Years ago, this gentleman wrote a series of books called Conversations with God and I had them on tape and listened to them as I drove up to Canada through the wilderness to go fishing.  I will never forget those tapes or that trip as nature and God really do go together.  I haven't heard much about him but I ran across this book and had to get it.  I still have those tapes and it would be nice to revisit them as they were wonderful.
That's all for this week!  I hope you are enjoying your summer.  As for watching t.v....I have not missed my satellite at all and I have been binge watching Little Bobbins podcasts and have finally caught up with Inside #23 and I'm caught up with Stitched in Sweden.  I am still catching up with the Heartland series on Feeln channel (love the channel and the series).  They are now featuring Christmas movies which are great for those of us who start making Christmas presents in July! LOL!  Really gets you in the spirit.  Of course, I'm still making birthday gifts but after my family comes and goes in August I will be gearing up for Christmas gift making and I will be watching those Christmas flicks!  What have you been reading and watching and listening to this summer?
Please share!
Happy Trails!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

YOP Week #2

Yay!  Week number 2!  Aren't fresh starts wonderful?  I am off to a good one so far except I started a project for me and got so addicted to it I could barely put it down and I have birthday presents to make still!  Yikes Batman!
Here's my new for me Giant Granny Square blanket.........
Someone told me that I need to turn for each new round and crochet on the opposite side to keep it from looking 'twisted' like it does in the middle.  Thank you!  I have a stitch marker now that I use to keep track of which side I'm on but it may be too late for that middle square! LOL!  That's okay...I love it anyway and this will not be my last!  It is so enjoyable and mindless which I love at the end of the day when I want to relax and watch podcasts.  This pattern is from Sandra Paul of Cherry Heart and she is on Ravelry.  I will update Ravelry and put all the information on my project page.
With all the color changes there are ends to weave in but I always do it at the end of a round and as the blanket gets bigger the weaving in is fewer and fewer between rounds.  I love the colors and I tried to follow Sandra's color scheme if I could as I have quite a few Stylecraft DK yarns which is what she used.  I think she has an excellent color sense and I always love her color combinations.
I made a mistake on my Frida block #4 of 5 for the basket and had to tear out and redo so here's block #4 and I am starting on #5 of 5 today.  Then there will be putting it together and lining and a handle I think.
I found a Frida Kahlo fabric to line it with awhile ago and pinned it.  Now I just need to see if it is still available and order it.  I also found some Frida Kahlo stitch markers which I thought would really complete the gift.  I need to order this afternoon!  My family will be here before I know it!
I hope your first week of YOP was productive and fun and I can't wait to see it all!
Happy Trails!