Saturday, May 7, 2016

Another trip to Mountain Home.............

I went to Mountain Home yesterday.  Since I drive I really can' t take pictures so I got these off of the internet.   This is the bridge I drive over.  When my parents first came down here in the 70's there were no bridges and you had to take a ferry.  The first time I white knuckled it across but it is amazing what you get used to.  Although, I must admit I wouldn't want to drive over it in bad weather or if it was really windy.
Here is an aerial view............ there are several bridges now............
This is Baxter Regional Medical Center where I went for my bone scan
 Here are some other pictures of Lake Norfolk.................

 These are water caves that you can actually canoe or kayak into..........and out the other side in some
 This is the damn and I have driven over it (there is a road on the top) but thank goodness I wasn't's a little more intimidating than the bridge for me but then I got used to the bridge so who knows..........but I chose not to go home over the dam.  It's closed in this picture but when there are heavy rains they open those floodgates.
Tho "old swimmin' hole" also on the lake............and there are natural beaches where you can pull up your boat all over the place............
And as the sun slowly sets in the west............I bid you a fond farewell until tomorrow.........
Happy Trails!



  1. Wow, I would like to visit there; I like the lake, private little beaches, the caves along the water.

  2. It is beautiful and it's not expensive compared to other resort areas in other states. Arkansas is pretty reasonable when it comes to cost of living but then there's not a lot of jobs here either but people like to retire here because taxes are so low.

  3. There are some neat places to explore and walk about there. We drive over one of two, long bridges whenever we go up to the city so I hear ya on not wanting to drive over one in crazy weather.

  4. Wow, what a beautiful place, thank you for sharing the pictures

  5. That is a beautiful place. I would love to visit kind of reminds me of the lake we stay at. I'm with you on bridges. Every single time I drive over one, no matter how short, my hands get sweaty. I think it's because I can't swim and have a very irrational fear of water. Thank you for sharing this lovely place with us.


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