Friday, April 15, 2016

Fun Fridays!

Who doesn't like to have fun?  Of course, each of us has different definitions of what "fun" is but here is mine and then you can share yours with me, okay?
You might have guessed some of them........but there are many more I can't get to all of them...probably in a lifetime!  But I've done a lot of them already and some of them I can't do anymore because of resources, lack of funds or location or physical ability.  But that's okay, because one of the gifts God gave me was the ability to enjoy myself no matter what I was doing or where I was.  From the time I was very young I had a lot of responsibility placed on me.  At the time, I felt more like a hired hand for my parents than their only daughter and child.  But it was good because that's how I learned to enjoy myself no matter what I was doing or what was going on around me.    I could make a game out of anything and pretending was also a great tool when I had unpleasant jobs to do.  I was an only child so there was no sharing of the responsibility for chores or of parental problems.  I learned to depend on myself for everything.  I'm sure my parents didn't look at it as a "gift" to fact I know they didn't! LOL! But it was one of the greatest gifts I've ever received because it taught me at a young age how to cope with whatever life threw in my path.....and there was going to be a lot!  But through it all, this gift helped me to persevere, climb up and over problems and disappointments and made me the happy person I am today! LOL!  The problems were brief and the happiness ongoing!
So, I will share some of what makes me happy, presently and also some links to others who share that happiness and joy.
CROCHETING:  This week I am so enjoying this little pillow project and I have learned that there are several types of this crochet...intarsia which is actually reversible, fair isle where you use only 2 colors per row and there are "floats" strands of yarn on the back and also tapestry which is similar to fair isle and intarsia as they are all crochet methods to make a design but tapestry you cut the threads in between each and it does not look as neat or defined as fair isle crochet plus there's all those ends to weave in!  Little Doolally called this intarsia but in reality it's fair isle.  Here's a wonderful gal who has a blog and wonderful tutorials on You Tube  Crochet Ever After 

Here's another sweet blog with lots of free patterns and tutorials Poppy and Bliss

 Some of my favorite crochet designers are:
Cherry Heart
Attic 24
The Patchwork Heart
Little Doolally
I know there are more but I can't think of them right now but as I come across them I will add them to my sidebar.  I am getting ready to redesign my blog so I can separate my favorite bloggers and their specialties into categories and also start listing podcasts that I watch.  Eventually, I would like to share all of everything that I learn, discover or make during the week on Fridays.  I run across so much great information and I've been writing it all down so get ready!  Fun Fridays are here!
Any suggestions for books concerning these hobbies/crafts/ joys will also be shared. 
Happy Trails!


  1. Crocheting intarsia looks doable. I watched the Crochet Ever After video. I think it may be less tricky than knitting intarsia?

    1. I would think crocheting would be easier although I've never tried the knitting intarsia. Crocheting is easier for me because I can tear back so much easier when I make mistakes and I make a lot! LOL!

  2. I've knitted intarsia but not crochet, which is kind of strange since I have been crocheting much longer than knitting. Yours looks wonderful.

    1. I would think the crochet intarsia would be a breeze for you then!

  3. I think it still looks complicated!
    Only kids are sometimes really spoiled, doesn't sound like your case. I do love my brothers very much I cannot imagine life without them...and my sister well she acts like an only child:)

  4. I know, I always get accused of that but I don't think I am. I wish I had brothers and sisters. It's pretty lonely after your parents die. There is no longer anyone around who knew you one to go over those old memories and have a laugh or 2. I have 3 cousins still but they don't seem to have the same fond memories although they were there! See what I mean? I think maybe I see the glass 3/4 full! LOL!


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