Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Santa's elves are VERY busy!

Moving right along but it is hectic as I still need to do laundry and cook and clean pick up around here.  Tomorrow is Walmart as there are heavy rains headed our way the end of this week.  It's been beautiful here..sunny and warm but I have to stay inside and help the other the way...where are they?  I got the whale shark finished.......not too sure doesn't look like the picture from the pattern but then I'm sure Uriah will like it.  I think velcro would have been better as the zipper doesn't work as well in a curve especially for little or arthritic hands.  I'll be filling it with magic markers before I wrap it.

 I wrapped some butcher's twine around some clip clothespins for my you can see, I have plenty!
 I also baked a cake!  I wanted to try this old depression-era recipe that requires no milk, eggs or butter.  A great recipe when your sweet tooth is calling but you don't want to run to the store and you're out of ingredients.
 I had some frozen cream cheese icing from another recipe that I thawed.  It was still pretty stiff so I frosted it while the cake was still warm and it worked out great.  Best frosting job I've ever done! LOL! (I am no cake decorator).  I haven't tasted it yet but here's the link to the recipe
 I cheated and used a bowl simply because I thought mixing it in the pan would be messier knowing me.  I found a great area on Pinterest if you're interested.....I did a search on depression era and perused some very interesting pictures and stories and recipes.  There are also several cookbooks.  One is called Clara's Kitchen and she has videos on You Tube.  She passed away in 2013 at age 96 or 98 and her grandson was the one that did all the videos and he also left a beautiful tribute to her.
I hope you enjoyed your day and are getting your holiday preparations done so you will be free to enjoy them.
Happy Trails!

Monday, December 7, 2015

YOP Week #22

 A "day late and a dollar short"....story of my life!  But then there's also"better late than never" so that makes me feel better. 
I know, it looks like a whale but it's supposed to be a shark pencil case when I get done, for Uriah....the shark lover.
  I still need to crochet fins, sew in zipper and make felt teeth...hopefully the teeth will bring out the "shark".  Oh, and eyes too.
I'm putting the finishing touches on these coasters done, 5 to is actually gray with turquoise striping.  This is my worst one and it was probably my first one too.
I am using these Lion Brand Bonbons in the brightest colors for the striping.  I just happened to have them on hand which is good because the time for "ordering in time for Christmas" is over for me who has to mail everything.
Following Mikey's instructions for making the Corner-to-Corner blanket into a rectangle I have finished the width and am how heading for the home stretch!  But it will be longer than it is wide so I still have a ways to go!
It's getting bigger.............
 I'll probably take it another foot and call it you think that will be big enough for a guy who's 6'4"????  It's for both of them but he's the bigger of the!
Miss Peeps chewed all the tips off my shoe strings so I put nail polish on them so I could make them stiff enough to lace.  It took 2 coats but it works!  This is an old trick my Mother taught me.
Speaking of Miss Peeps..........she went this morning to get spayed.  Although it is nice and quiet, everyone seems to be wondering when she'll run through the room at bullet speed or jump out at them from behind a curtain.  We miss her but I get to go pick her up after 2:00 p.m.
I swear she was a model in her last life as she LOVES to have her picture taken (the only one in this house that does) and she always looks right at the camera, LOL!  We are missing you, Miss Peeps,  and praying all goes well.
Happy Trails!
P.S.  Sam got his cast off this week and is doing great.  It healed well and this disease/tumor thing only affects 1  in 1.5 million.....I always told him he was "1 in a million"! :) It could very well come back as it was so close to the growth plate they couldn't get every teeny bit of it but now he will have regular checkups for it and they will catch it much sooner if it does re-occur.  We are blessed for sure!