Sunday, January 4, 2015

YOP Week #27

This is quite a red letter day....more so than the 1st of January.  We are halfway through the YOP year or for some it's the first week! Also, Downton Abbey's new season starts tonight and I turned 66 today.....unless you want to be specific as I was born about 10:15 at night.  No's a BIG day! LOL!
I am still "plodding along" with the Jesus bookmarks but working on #9 of 10 or 13 maybe.  I was thinking of my neighbor, one for my daughter and myself but we'll see.  I wish I had something else to show you but this is what I've been working on and only in the evening.

I wanted to join the Downton Abbey MKAL but with yarn and pattern it was $57.00 and you don't even know what you'll end up with?  I like a good mystery but not a $57.00 dollar one! LOL!  
But I did join this.......I found it through our very own Gracie is not My Name and her Saturday post. The link to sign up is here

The object is to utilize the books and patterns you already have....sort of like printed stash, lol!
Since I am knee deep in toy making I thought I would pick this for my first book......
I'm already making a couple things out of it but they are not finished.  Now that the Christmas "making" is done I will move on with the other holidays and birthdays and maybe some socks for me?  Please?
Mainly this half of the YOP year will be spent using what I have, finishing all sorts of WIPs and organizing my projects and supplies. Below is what it looks like now...........old, mostly "free" bags I've gotten from all over (except for the crocheted one) and I have no idea what's in any of them so I have to "root" through them each to find what I'm looking for.  And yes that is my Pilates machine which should be used in a whole different way! 
So the first step is to create "tags for bags" so I could just check the tag and not have to "root" through it.........I thought these might do the trick......
or these were pretty....  
Paper tags with crochet edging...I'm thinking pillowcase edging for those who haven't mastered yarn. Cut and Paste to card stock.

or maybe these where the shape could denote what was inside?
Free crochet Warm hands pattern - Keep your hands warm during the cool fall season. Fingerless crochet gloves are great to have for indoors and out.
Anyway that is only a temporary fix until I get gorgeous bags sewn for all my this one from Norththreads ( I could not find the link, sorry but these are all on my Pinterest board under graphics and sewing and there are lots more there too)

cute drawstring bag..

or this which Joanne over at Rose Dahlia whipped up to put her new sock project in?
Too cute!  I think I would actually get more projects done if they were stored in these darling bags....I mean who wouldn't want to reach for them?   You should really stop over at Joanne's as she has her "finishes" from 2014 and oh my word what that gal accomplishes is amazing!!!!  She is very talented and does just about everything...a super woman for sure!

So, as much as I am going to be focusing on WIP's I will also be sewing up some tempting bags to house them in and also hopefully sell some.  I hope that helps me with more finishes in the end and not just more WIPs! LOL!  We shall see!
Happy Trails!


  1. You can do the MKAL with stash yarn, you don't have to buy the yarn....many people don't...I love Lorna's Laces, so I bought the yarn...and cute bags..yes...I have a bit of a bag thing....I love projects bags...I'm a big fan of Jessalu box bags, but have bought others...I'll check yours out when you list on etsy...I have a sewing machine, but break it every time I use it...

  2. Happy Birthday, dear friend. I hope you have a wonderful day!

  3. Many Happy Returns of the Day.
    66 Young.

  4. Happy Birthday!!! Remember in that email a while back which you obviously ignored...I need your wrist size. Please email it to me with your address and something might be in your mailbox someday:)

  5. Happy birthday!! I love the idea of the tags for your projects and I love a good project bag! It looks as though lots of us are doing the library challenge, I think it ties in very nicely with the year of projects and hopefully will keep us all motivated :-)

  6. LOve the tag the bag idea. I think we all have bags of WIP's laying all over and have no clue what is in them. I too love project bags and like you, most of mine are freebies. Good luck on your Library stash buster. Sounds like fun.

  7. Ooh! Downton starts tonight! Yippee! Those are terrific ideas for bag tags. I need to make some for future gifts. I feel I'm always ask over the place with them. And Hau'oli la hanau to you. Have a lovely day.

  8. HaPpY bIrThDaY! I hope your birthday is a lovely one! Those project bags are wonderful. Now those are something I know I would use. If my back ever decides to behave I think I'll sit down at the sewing machine and whip some up.
    Blessings my friend,

    Love all of the different tags!

  10. Love the plans, well thought out and what a good idea to make this half of the year all about using what you have. Those are really very pretty project bags and tags and what a pleasure it sure would be to pick those up each time you wanted to knit. It makes me wish I could sew just so I could make some. I hope you had a really great birthday and enjoyed the start of Downton, our season has ended here so we must now be the ones to wait.

  11. First of all... Happy belated Birthday, my friend!!!

    It looks like you've got some great new projects lined up.
    Loving those bags... so cute!!

    I cannot imagine you thinking that you don't get a ton accomplished. I feel like such a slacker, compared to you ~~~**smile**!

    Happy New week, of this New Year!!
    I hope it's a great one!!

    Warm wishes.

  12. Great idea with the bags and labels!

    I have just completed a mystery crochet along and it was great fun. it is quite an expense though, I agree - do you think you could join it and knit from stash instead?


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