Monday, January 19, 2015

Monday - What are you reading?

I used to take part in some group like this but I don't remember now and I can't keep track but I thought I would get on my own blog schedule so for Monday's it will be all about books, movies, audio's, magazines and/or articles and Kindle books now that I have a few of those.  I thought of doing a "link up" but I don't know how.  I searched for a Mr. Linky that I saw people use but I couldn't find it.  If someone has any suggestions about "linking" people to my blog so we can all share what we're reading, I would appreciate it else I'll go research later.
Anyway...... I've been reading this for awhile now....very long and very informative in some areas but
kind of like reading an encyclopedia.  It's really a reference book about the art and science of keeping house.  I never had home economics nor was I in 4-H or Girl Scouts and my mother was a career woman so there wasn't a lot of instruction in this area.  It's never too late and actually I know quite a lot of it but some of it is so passe' and I cannot see myself ever following so many "rules"...I'm a rule breaker not a rule maker! LOL! 
Product Details
I just finished this mystery which was a fun read and there may be more than this one book as it stated it is a "Booked For Travel Mystery" as in "series".  So, if you like to travel and you like mysteries this is a good one.  A "fun" read and involving all age groups.  The main character is a widow and buys a travel excursion business where she takes people on trips and arranges everything.  This one was to the Sonoma wine region and the description of all the things they do on the trip is almost like being there.  I learned quite a bit and then there was the mystery to boot!  This book was one I got from Sue, the book fairy.
I picked this up at a sale as I had heard about it but unfortunately this is the 2nd and maybe last book.  The original is called Cold Sassy Tree.   Last night I downloaded the first book onto my tablet and started  reading it.
Here's the Amazon description as I just started it last night:

"The one thing you can depend on in Cold Sassy, Georgia, is that word gets around - fast. When Grandpa E. Rucker Blakeslee announces one July morning in 1906 that he's aiming to marry the young and freckledy milliner, Miss Love Simpson - a bare three weeks after Granny Blakeslee has gone to her reward - the news is served up all over town with that afternoon's dinner. And young Will Tweedy suddenly finds himself eyewitness to a major scandal. Boggled by the sheer audacity of it all, and not a little jealous of his grandpa's new wife, Will nevertheless approves of this May-December match and follows its progress with just a smidgen of youthful prurience. As the newlyweds' chaperone, conspirator, and confidant, Will is privy to his one-armed, renegade grandfather's second adolescence; meanwhile, he does some growing up of his own. He gets run over by a train and lives to tell about it; he kisses his first girl, and survives that too. Olive Ann Burns has given us a timeless, funny, resplendent novel - about a romance that rocks an entire town, about a boy's passage through the momentous but elusive year when childhood melts into adolescence, and about just how people lived and died in a small Southern town at the turn of the century. Inhabited by characters who are wise and loony, unimpeachably pious and deliciously irreverent, Cold Sassy, Georgia, is the perfect setting for the debut of a storyteller of rare brio, exuberance, and style."

 A few other books I came upon that I have absolutely no remembrance of seeing these covers before (which is so fun as it makes it like going to a book store and all I'm doing is perusing my own shelves all the while cleaning them too)...these will be next.........
Mud Season  ..."where one woman's dream of moving to Vermont, raising children, chickens and sheep and running the old country store pretty much leads to one calamity after another"
I love true life adventures!  Katrina this sounds like your kind of book too!
and then there' s this which is fiction...........I cannot tell a lie.....I buy many books because of the that a baby Chance on the cover there next to the Great Dane?  Too cute!

Well, I'm off to enjoy our nice day of 67 degrees F.....and clean out garage.  I've prepped for supper which I am trying to clean out my freezers so it is oven barbecued chicken drummies, spaghetti squash (stored on the cold porch) and some brussel sprouts.  
Congrats to the Seattle Seahawks for the best "save" of a game I have ever seen in my entire life!  Wow!  I am still reeling from will go in the history books for sure!  
Happy Trails 


  1. Love your post. Maybe I should do that with my book challenge. We'll see. :)


  2. I have been reading through a series of books from our library by Maggie Sefton. They are knitting murder mysteries set around a yarn shop called Lambspun in Ft. Collins, CO. Very entertaining. I am also reading the Bible through in six months, hopefully twice this year.

  3. No not baby Chance but maybe one of his relatives. I look at book cover too...right now I am reading a Book about Herding Dogs. I read lots of blogs and we have a good supply of magazines that come in the mail:)

  4. Lovely post and interesting books
    Happy reading dear x

  5. I just ordered two of the books from our library. I'm currently reading a book by Hemingway, but that Mud book looks fun to read!

  6. I've read Cold Sassy and it was really good. And I just started reading a Maisie Dobbs mystery by J. Winspear. It's best to read them in order...but I'm 'out of order' on this one! lol Enjoy your day my friend! Hugs!

  7. No reading going on over here at the moment. Mud Season looks like it would be interesting. Have a wonderful day. Tammy


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