Tuesday, October 14, 2014

None the worse for wear and tear!

The storms blew by and left us in tact...luckier than some.  Here's your creepy picture for the day.........
 and since we didn't get blown away yesterday I managed to get a little progress done on the scarf for my daughter.   It's all knit stitches so truly mindless knitting and I really like how it is turning out.
 Here's a closer look.  
  Most importantly I am going strong on the ghosts for my little grand goblins! LOL!  The one ghost on the right is done except for attaching the 2 little "arms", embroidering a smile and weaving in the ends.  Therefore, I thought I would go ahead and get all the crocheting done and then do the handwork on all of them at the end.  I'm making 4 but only 3 need to get done now as one is for my Halloween tree.  Their's have to be mailed.
 Finally got back to the Kitchen Project....Cupboard #1 cleaned inside and out.  All the canning jars got boxed up and put in the basement.  An empty cupboard...what a nice thing to have although I'm sure it won't be that way for long.  I'm ignoring the space above the cupboards for now. 
  Here's the next cupboard which I started emptying last night. I'm hoping there will be less going back in when I get done.   These cupboards are really inefficient.  My old farm cupboards held much more and I was able to organize it better.  Those shelves can't even hold a box of cereal standing upright and they are not adjustable.  Engineering done by someone who probably spent very little time in a kitchen!
 That's all for today.  All my Monday chores are being done today as yesterday was not a day to do much of anything except keep an eye on the weather.  I'll be by to "catch up" later!
Happy Trails!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

YOP Week #15

Well, I didn't blog my YOP's last week because it was the "same old, same old" projects plus there was work to be done around here.  I can't seem to keep up but all of a sudden I noticed that although this is only week #15 of YOP...it is only 11 weeks until Christmas!   I'm in the middle of a huge cleaning and clearing out project, plus there is Halloween and Fall which I adore and always send gifts and goodies out to the grands.  So, I have got to get serious and just close my eyes to my surroundings and cast on!  So here I go!
Since many evenings I was dog tired I just crocheted some small squares and watched t.v.......
I also started on some Grannie Squares 
in solids as it has been years since I've done them and I was very grateful for Sandra, over at Cherry Heart, for her instructions.  I have a bunch of old acrylic yarn that I am trying to use up. Check the link above for her veritable "crochet school".  She's amazing!  Just remember they are UK terms so a treble crochet is a double in U.S. terms etc.
This will be a scarf for my son Benjamin.  I started it last year and frogged it but I'm ready to tackle it again this year. 
This will be a scarf for my daughter....isn't that yarn scrumptious?  I just hope those loops don't get in my way.....it reminds me of a lambs wool jacket my Mother had "back in the day".
This will be a Jack O' Lantern bookmark if it works out.  I don't have the right size thread or hook
so we'll see........
This is Sam's hat but it needs the ear flaps.....
This is a free pattern from Lion Brand.  Each year I try to make the grands an ornament for their Halloween trees.  We are BIG on Halloween!  This year it looks like little Casper...but again I don't have the right weight yarn so I'm hoping it works out alright.

And of course I can't forget the preemie hats for October!
And here is my yarn buddy...Grace.  She loves yarns, hooks and needles as much as I do but she restrains herself and is very good.....but she watches....very carefully.
I hope you had a great weekend and I wish you a great week ahead and smooth sailing....we are due for some big time, maybe severe storms tomorrow so everyone stay safe and remember...."turn around, don't drown"! 
Happy Trails!